I think my Mac Mini may be Dying....Diagnose Help Please?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by iDriveX, Aug 19, 2008.

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    So two days ago my Mac Mini started exhibiting some very strange behavior. None of my behaviors have changed with the Mac Mini, I don't do much with it, a little iTunes Streaming to my AppleTV, some eMail, web surfing...it's not exactly a powerhouse, it's a 1.5 Ghz Core Solo so I don't throw anything at it like Video Encoding or anything...

    1.) At first the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard kept turning off and not responding at all. I would press the little on button on the side, it would re-pair, and then un-pair. I never got a "Low Battery" warning but changed the batteries nonetheless. It didn't help.

    2.) Then my Apple Bluetooth Mouse got totally laggy. To the point where it's almost unuseable. Moving the mouse closer to the actual Mac Mini itself didn't help at all either. As it stands, the mouse is maybe 2 feet away from the Mini at all times anyways.

    3.) Then my iPhone stopped syncing and being recognized by iTunes. When I plug my iPhone into the Dual Dock, it charges just fine. So does the headset, but on the iPhone's screen ONLY the headset shows it's charge, the big battery icon never shows up, but it still has a lightening bolt in the menu bar of the iPhone indicating it's charging. It also doesn't show up in iTunes at all.

    BUT If I restart my computer and open iTunes it works perfectly fine, syncing and everything. It seems to stop recognizing my iPhone after about 15 minutes after a restart. In fact, it just stopped in the middle of the 2.0.2 restore yesterday (everything is plugged directly into the Mac Mini not through a Hub like others are reporting. I feel that the restore issue had more to do with what is wrong than the actual restoring process as its pretty much in line with my iPhone not being recognized in iTunes after about 15 minutes).

    On the USB Bus, I have the following directly connected to the four USB Ports:
    1. iPhone Dual Dock (For Original iPhone)
    2. Another iPhone Dual Dock (for the iPhone 3G)
    3. Two Mini Stacks each with a 1 TB Hard Drive in them Raided together to form a 2 TB Hard Drive
    4. Another two mini stacks each with a 1 TB Hard Drive in them Raided together to form a 2 TB Hard Drive that uses Time Machine to backup the other 2 TB Hard Drive

    Time Machine works perfectly as does accessing the hard drives both through the computer and through iTunes streaming to my Apple TV.

    I know that the Bluetooth chipset actually resides on the USB Bus which is why I think it might be a USB Problem. If I open the Apple System Profiler and click on all of the different items I am immediately greeted with the results, but when I click on USB, I get a spinning wheel in the menu bar of the Apple System Profiler, and then I get a Beach Ball in the actual Profiler itself. I eventually have to force quit the application without being able to get the results of my USB Device Tree.

    Some of you are very educated in the ways of Apple Technology. Are there any logs we could look at to see exactly what is going on here? If the USB Bus is failing why would my Hard Drives work so wonderfully with Time Machine and streaming video? If the Bluetooth keeps failing and the iPhones won't show up in iTunes except after a restart and only for the first 15 minutes, how is it not the USB bus? These problems plague me....Any ideas?
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    Dec 20, 2003
    Ventura, CA
    I'm not sure if I fixed it but in an attempt to diagnose the problem, I remembered seeing an application in the Developer's Tools called "USB Prober" and I thought to myself that it might have a USB Log tool in there. So I opened the USB Prober application and went to the Log area and got an error message that said a USB Kext file was missing and asked if I wanted to install it. So I said yes and then I restarted my computer....

    ....No Lag, iPhone has been recognized for the last hour, I'm doing fairly processor intensive stuff to see if I can break it....


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