I thought apple always had 2 prototypes?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TSX, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Hasn't it been know that apple always developed 2 prototypes? So that if there was some kind of problem with the prototype/manufacturing of one they had a backup plan.

    Thats why we are seeing 2 different rumor designs for the new iPhone, my gut tells me that we are getting the 4S (even though I want a completely new iPhone) because of the leaked parts. The more parts that are being manufactured for the new iPhone the more chances that parts will make it out of foxconn.
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    You can be sure there are many prototypes. With multiple designs. Some to fool anyone that sees it and a few real ones. :)

    Apple is not stupid. They have learned from their mistakes. :apple:
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    There was an earlier rumor... or actually a fact, that Foxconn's CEO was complaining that Apple's products are hard to make due to their thinness. I think the rumor part of this fact came in when people started suggesting that the products he was talking about might be the new generation, thinner, products... aka iPhone 5 (which is expected to be thinner than the iPhone 4). But that could also be for the iPhone 4, which is pretty thin itself. Hard to pinpoint exactly, but at least we know that Foxconn's been pretty successful at preventing any major leaks of the new iPhone.

    If the whole lost iPhone 5 prototype in a bar, part 2, is true... well then they might not have learned completely. ;)

    But yeah, there's definitely lots of different prototypes floating around on Apple's campus, but only seen ever by a few select pair of eyes.

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