I Threw Up on my iPhone 4.

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    Oct 6, 2011
    I'll try and keep graphics to a minimum!
    Basically, two nights ago, I went round to a flat, had two bottles of vodka, and got very drunk.
    The next morning, my iPhone alarm rang as scheduled at 7:35 for my 9am lecture. I moved to turn off the alarm, however my touchscreen failed to work. Confused, I turned the lights on, and from the title you can guess what I saw.
    I was still a little drunk, so the panicking didn't really kick in for a couple of hours.
    A good point to make now would be that if I used the mute switch, I could feel the phone vibrating and I received feedback. The phone eventually died (the water damage indicator 2 days later is still NOT activated).
    After cleaning with a damp cloth, I took the iPhone to the Apple Store in the Manchester Arndale Centre (UK). I booked a Genius appointment and was eventually seen by a Genius.
    I explained my story to the Genius (who was wary of touching the poor iPhone), she checked the indicator with a light (again it was not activated, but if it was activated she didn't say anything) and took it upstairs.
    10 minutes later she returned asking if I had insurance (never a good sign). I said no, and she said it was contaminated and there was nothing more they could do. As you can imagine this upset me alot, as I'm probably the most careful and reliable person with electronics around, and didn't get insurance based on my spotless record with owning electronic devices.
    However, the Genius failed to mention any component damage. She just said there was "stuff floating around" which I sympathized with her for. I asked if there was an out of warranty replacement available, and she said no.
    So, I did the walk of shame back to my room, and immediately placed it in rice, where it has been for about 24 hours, and I plan on leaving it for another 3 days at the very least.
    I got on the phone to Apple Technical Support this morning and I have paid £126 to have it looked at and if it can't be repaired I'll be refunded.
    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation to me and has any advice on what to do next? I'm a student, and another iPhone would stop me eating for a very long time.
    Apologies for any not-so-nice images anyone got, but any help or advice would be really really appreciated.
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    Oct 20, 2009
    Portland, OR
    Uh, so... if you want Apple to repair a phone that you threw up on, dont tell them that you threw up on it.
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    Oct 6, 2011
    Well to be fair now I'm not 100% sure I even threw up on it, I found egg shells in my jeans pocket and other things lead me to believe I might have put in a cup of raw eggs. I can't remember, really.

    EDIT: Just read post number 3. There is definitely signs of corrosion in the dock connector, I can see the blue green. Thanks for the advice though, although by the sounds of it this could be the end for my 4 month old iPhone! :'(
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    Feb 23, 2010
    OK, first and foremost, the bag of rice is not going to be a cure-all considering there's "stuff floating around." By now there is most likely corrosion going on from the stomach acid or food or whatever. I recommend you take the phone completely apart (iFixit guide) and clean everything very well with rubbing alcohol. If you have spots under the screen, I would put the screen assembly in its own bag of rice/dessicant. Make sure there is absolutely no visible moisture on the phone, and make sure the connectors have not turned blueish-green (that's corrosion). Then dry the entire phone in rice/dessicant for a few days. Use canned air to spray out the parts that you can't directly dissasemble, such as inside the 30-pin connector. Since your warranty is basically dead, you don't have much to lose by taking your phone apart. If everything is functional, you're lucky, but if you leave your phone as it is, it may die down the line from all that left over residue and crap inside. Good luck.
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    Good luck, but vomitus is very caustic. Likely not just a moisture issue.

    When available, get a 4s and ask Siri "Where is the closest AA meeting?"
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    Oct 6, 2011
    Oh it's ok, Siri can shove it, coz I'm never drinking again.

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