iPad I wanna ditch my Iphone 7 Plus for Ipad Pro


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Oct 31, 2016
Am i nuts but i have this itch to convert to this Ipad pro 10.5. Anyone think this is crazy selling Iphone 7 plus for a wifi Ipad pro 10.5 and using the ipad pro for all my communications including calls with skype or similar app? I love idea of using the bigger device and screen as a replacement for a laptop. The older i get, i’m only 50, the more i realize my eyes can’t handle reading a lot of articles and websites on the 7 plus screen anymore. What i’m saying is i want one device to cover many needs. I know the Iphone is a device like a swiss army tool that can do anything and everything the ipad can do but i’m worrried i’ll be missing my iphone plus by going the ipad route.

My ability to use the ipad pro wifi device by using my hotspot hub & heavy user 50 GB data plan give me the ability to communicate on the go. Just wanted to add this.

Anyone have thoughts about my idea?


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Apr 24, 2013
New Orleans
Im with you on this. When at home or work, my iPhone gets 0 attention. Especially having an LTE iPad mini, it really tempts me to ditch the iPhone. The only real benefit the iPhone has to offer in my lifestyle is social outings downtown. The compact size is good for both security and photos, as carrying around the iPad would be too large and can easily be stolen when out on the town, and I dont want to be that guy pulling out a large tablet to take a picture :p That would be my only concern with ditching the iPhone (in my case). I would say consider all the aspects of your life and imagine getting by using an iPad instead of your phone.

If the rumors of an LTE apple watch is true, with the capability of GPS, texts, and calls completely independent of the iPhone, I would totally ditch my iPhone altogether for my iPad and Apple Watch.
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Jan 14, 2013
Well, i've been doing this for the last 3 years! I ditched my phone. I use my ipad mini 2 with an unlimited ATT data plan that im grandfathered in on, and i also have an ipod touch 5th gen. I use google hangouts with my google number and imessage, facetime, and i'm good! It's worked out pretty well for me. I loved the mini for its ultra portability. I wanted to upgrade to a mini pro...but it looks like thats not gonna happen, so like you, I also plan to get the 10.5" ipad pro.

I use my ipod touch for travel photography on my travel blog. Was tempted to get an iphone for the better camera....was wondering if i could put my unlimited ATT data sim into an iphone...but don't think that'll work.

But anyway...i just wanted to tell you that you can definitely ditch your phone for an ipad. It can be done.


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Nov 17, 2011
It would be possible depending on how mobile you are. Hard to carry around an iPad everywhere, but if you don't get out much you probably don't need a flagship mobile phone.


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May 26, 2016
If you don't need a traditional phone number then it can definitely work.


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Nov 17, 2011
I use a Skype number for calls to and from phones - pretty seamless almost like using a phone even when receiving calls


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Apr 13, 2014
iPhone SE plus iPad. Fixed it. Even better: iPhone SE plus laptop, as you cant even prepare a meeting with your bank on an iPad without spending hours. Realised this, took my laptop and fixed budget, tax information download etc. in few minutes on my laptop.

Made me realise how I dont need an iPad, and that it is just a third device to maintain and upgrade. Have had iPads since 2012 (also Pro) and really I dont need or really want one any longer.
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Mar 24, 2010
Any place but here or there....
OP, imo, no it's not crazy. Going forward, I will buy the cheapest iPhone and use an iPP for the heavy lifting instead*. I wish I would have gone with the SE in March, but now I know what I like and use more frequently.

*Hopefully that means an SE and iPP.
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