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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Red-iPhone, Apr 15, 2010.

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    Apr 15, 2010
    Computer something, that's the problem, I mean I like working with and on computers. I know a lot about computers in general, I'm fascinated by the new technology that comes out ever so often. I managed to jailbreak my iPhone even though I thought I couldn't do it and now my iPhone is one of a kind!

    I chose this forum because I thought some of the members might work in this field I'm looking at.

    I'm a junior in HS and would like some inputs about what career I should pursue, a job in which I would be with a computer the whole day. I already took all the computer classes my HS offers, like Computer Keyboarding, Web and Design, Intro to Engineering, etc.

    What big companies are looking for young individuals who want to work in the Computer field?
    Which college or university should I be looking at?

    Well I hope to get some helpful comments, thank you for your time! :)
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    Can't go wrong with
    1) Computer Science - deals on the software side
    2) Electrical Engineering - deals with circuitry and whatnot
    3) Mechanical Engineering - deals with heat transfer, coolings, layout, etc

    Most universities have these programs.

    Large companies include the obvious Intel, AMD, HP, Apple, Nvidea, etc

    However, you can work in much more specialized segments as well (like in Hdds for instance)

    I would advise for a grad degree regardless. Keep in mind you can say get your undergrad in EE and a grad in CS for example.

    Have you talked to your hs career counselor? Also reach out to the programs at the university and get their thoughts
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    Mar 22, 2010
    1. Show up to work.

    2. When your boss asks you to do something, you find a way to get it done.

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