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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by airlied, Oct 14, 2018.

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    Please help me decide.

    Im on the market for a new earbuds, and please recommend me a decend earbuds with the following specs:

    It has to be an earbuds, not headphone.

    I don't want Airpods (I know it's a great device just don't like the funny looks).

    It has bluetooth 5.0 built in (I have an iphone X and 2018 amacbook pro which both support 5.0). I have too much bluetooth devices, two mouse, a keyboard, two headphone. They ALL LAGS. I which 5.0 could solve at least a little bit.

    If it has W1 chip built in would be better, but not a must (I think only airpods and beats have W1).

    It can switch between two devices (iPhone and Mac) quickly and easily.

    Because I want to watch movies on Mac, so it has to be low latency.

    Price is not an issue.

    Sound quality must be above the average.

    Battery life be at least 4H for a full charge.

    A BIG thanks!
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    why not standard wired earbuds? many more options out there with good sound quality, no latency issues, no issues with connecting/disconnecting from mac/iphone, no battery life worries.
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    Nov 2, 2014
    You could try the Jabra Elite 65t. They are great wireless buds with awesome sound. Only Apple provides the W1 chips so you are out of luck there. The Jabra’s are low latency though and work great.
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    I h
    I have these, well, I have the Jabra Elite Sport, which are similar, but waterproof.

    They’re great, when I can hear them. I have small ear canals, and the smallest accessories feel comfortable, but they don’t fit correctly in my ears, which means the sound goes in and out. At least once a week, sound stops working on one or the other, and I have to keep trying to reseat the thing, sometimes reboot them completely. It sucks.

    I have a friend with the exact same issue. Now, we’re not mutants, we don’t have genetic deformities, we just have small ear canals. My last earbuds were JayBirds, and they were fine with the smallest accessories, but I wanted true wireless this time. What a mistake. A $200 mistake. And I kept futzing with them until my return window closed.

    For anyone with hard to fit ears, try them, but only from a place with a really good return policy.

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