I want a fun game... that's addicting!


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Jun 27, 2006
Rhode Island
Speaking from my limited experience, MMPRGs are usually pretty non-addictive.

I'm more of a console gamer, but The Sims 2 or Civilization IV is pretty fun.

If your looking for something more casual, try Tetris. Quinn (free) is a good Tetris clone, but I perfer Tetris Zone ($9.95).

Civilization 4. Extremely subject to 'one more turn' syndrome...
I know what you mean. Sometimes I'll start playing at 9:00PM and then before I realize it, it's 1:30AM. :eek: I literally have to force myself to get off. Maybe that's why they have a built in clock. :D


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Jun 5, 2003
Costa Rica
Diablo II: Old game, but very addicting.

I just spent a few hours playing it, and it is just too entertaining.