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Sep 19, 2022
Over on Samsung you get all mod cons on the base Galaxy S, a bigger screen on the Plus variant and then all sorts of treats, bells and whistles on the Ultra device.

Over here in Apple we get less features on the base iPhone, definitely-not-Pro features on the Pro line and nothing beyond that.

I’m not here to debate Apple’s nickel-and-diming of the regular iPhone but complain that Apple doesn’t spoil us with a top-end device similar to the Watch Ultra.

I want full manual camera modes like the Xperia 1. I want a new, slightly smaller Pencil that docks to one side. I want a 2-day battery. I want USB 3.1 transfer speeds. I want it to MagSafe reverse charge a Watch. I want a 10x periscope zoom. I want flush camera modules.


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Apr 10, 2015
Charlotte, NC
Sadly Apple will never gives us a stylus like the Samsung Ultra, and we at this rate will never get reverse charging which I still cant see why, The ability even charge Airpods would be nice. It took Apple 10 years to give us AOD so do not hold your breath for anything cutting edge lol


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Mar 27, 2017
Ultra probably won't come until they introduce foldables in 2025 or later.
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