I Want My Loops Back!


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I recently had problems with my mac. Somebody here told me to archive and install. THey said everything will stay the same but everything will be fixed, I followed there advice. Now I am having more problems. Garage bands loops disappeared. The folder is there but is empty. How do I get my loops back!?:confused: :(


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DJ OJ said:
No jampacks, and at garage band startup it tells me that a folder
is missing when it is there, but it is empty.

that is very odd.....

very odd indeed.

The locations of my folders are HD>Library>App support>Gband

and HD>Library>Music>somewhere in there...

Maybe try and do a spotlight search for .wav or .aiff and see what it produces...

If you have an iLife disc, maybe try and reinstall Gband..??

hmmm, not sure.
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