I want the fastest memory (RAM) for my Power Mac G5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by lPHONE, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Nov 17, 2009
    Hello :)

    I have the late 2005 Dual 2.3 GHz Powermac G5.
    It can take 16GB of PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM.
    This is what the crucial memory advisor says:
    However, the Apple website says it takes PC2-4200. :confused:

    OK, I understand that both 6400 and 5300 are backward compatible (meaning that they will fit in a PC2-4200 slot but only operate at the max speed of the system), so my question is: Is Crucial just trying to up-sell me the more expensive RAM or does my system actually support PC-5300/PC-6400 speeds?

    I have read that Apple's maximum RAM specifications often reflect for the memory available at that time, and when faster RAM is available the documentation is not updated.

    Hope this isn't a stupid question.
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    I would take Apple's word over Crucial's in this case. I would just go with PC2-4200 to be safe. About the only reason I would by the faster RAM would be if it were cheaper. The faster RAM isn't going to operate any faster than 533MHz.
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    Nov 17, 2009
    Well guys, I thought being Holiday season and all, I'd share the wealth...

    I sat on the phone for 2 hours with We Love Macs trying to order some RAM. They got 4GB kits for [​IMG]104.95 and I thought that was the best deal in town but while I waited endlessly on hold, I accidentally landed on something better... WorldOfCablescom (also owned by WeLoveMacs) is selling 4GB kits for 59 bucks so I ordered 4 kits without hesitation. In addition to saving $172.00 bucks, I also saved 19$ on shipping because they combine.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS: [​IMG] http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130342633143

    Epic wins for me all day. The guy that sold me the G5 for $300, thought it could only take 8GB. :D
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    Jan 8, 2009
    Not to mention DDR2 RAM can downclock to below the supported memory speeds. The 2x2GB sticks in my machine run at PC2-3200 rather then the PC-8600 they are rated at.

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    Congrats on your awesome memory purchase and even better picking up that G5 at that price. That is really the best G5 model as it was the last air-cooled model :p. Lucky!
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    Nov 17, 2009
    Thanx, I sooooo deserved it considering my recent streak of bad luck and getting laid off.

    Even better than the quad??? :confused:
  7. California macrumors 68040


    Aug 21, 2004
    Almost as good as the Quad. Quad has liquid cooling but Quad G5s don't have nearly the same fail rate as the earlier 2.7dual or 2.5 dual processor machines.

    The 2.3 Powermac Dual Core, which you have (you don't have the "dual processor" machine which is older and takes more expensive slower ram) is a great machine as previous poster said.
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    Nov 17, 2009
    With regret, I am now going to tell you about my horrific experience with World Of Cables AKA "WeLoveMacs". The worst part is that I assisted these crooks in their sham operation by referring others to buy kits from them, just as I blindly did. Here is my story:


    After enduring nearly two painful weeks of checking the mail, checking the mail and checking the mail for my RAM kit- the crown element of my Pro Tools studio- I get a call today from none other than one: World Of Cables.

    The man spoke with a heavy Indian accent and addressed himself thrice as World of Cables. Only on the fourth account, did he disclose that his name was "Boba" (I think he meant Bob). Whatever his name was, he had bad news. Really bad news.

    This little swindler informed me that my memory was a rare part, thus it was on back order. He said if I want my RAM, they would have to order it from a 3rd party and also that the price listed on the eBay page was from a long long time ago and bla bla bla... In short, he wanted nearly DOUBLE the original price. This is an outrage and I'm not buying it...

    Worldofcables is owned by Ken Olsen of MemoryTen, parent company of OEM PC World as well as We Love Macs. They employ 51-200 people and they all LIE, LIE, LIE. On Reseller Ratings, a user by the name of SteveJobs brought to light a a quote from the reseller which has been confirmed to be a blatant lie.
    More proof of their deceit is cached on the Google as well as their claim that to be a "BBB Accredited Business" (which they are not and probably never will be after I get done with them) has also been removed. That is just one example of their dishonesty, but where their deception ends, is where the line begins to blur... In just a year and a half they've aquired 18 BBB complaints, 6 reports on ripoffreport and an amassment of horrible feedback on eBay. Here are a few:

    Sounds frighteningly familiar. After all that is said and done, the item is still listed on eBay! I have a hard time wrapping my finger around the concept that Ken Olsen, the owner of MemoryTen who boldly parades around as "The Earth's Largest Memory Store", doesn't have my RAM. Well... He better find it because Worldofcables is now in a world of my retribution and I'm going postal with it.

  9. MacVidCards Suspended

    Nov 17, 2008
    Hollywood, CA
    For a good laugh, have a look at their video card prices:


    The good news is that they have dropped the 7300GT from $700 down to a more reasonable $500. (Used only, new one still $700)

    A used 6600 128 Meg for a G5 is even more reasonable at a mere $400 (used only)

    The 8800GTs range from a measly $550 up to $800.

    DOes anyone actually pay this much?
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    Jan 10, 2007
    We Love Macs S U C K S.

    :eek::eek: I almost fell out of my chair when I read $700.00 for a 7300gt!!

    These are the same rip-off artists that charge $15.00 for the two screws that hold in an airport card in the machine!!!!!! That is not a typo. They want $15.00 for two little screws!!!!

    If anyone from welovemacs is reading this thread, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. (and you suck)
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    Jan 7, 2009
    Columbus, Ohio
    I had a similar experience dealing with them selling non-existant RAM to me, taking 2 weeks to refund me then the same day re-listing their ram package for more money.

    It almost felt like they used my money to buy the RAM from a 3rd party, in order to flip it for even more profit.

    Never, ever, ever in your life deal with ANY of their sister companies.

    Lesson learned.
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    Sep 19, 2005
    Palo Alto CA.
    Yes welovemacs and memorry ten are the same crap company.
    I know how bad they are. I live not too far from their brick and mortar, hole in the wall store. Stay away from this clown outfit.

    A few years ago, back when 10.3 was out. Macs did not play nice with 3rd party dvd drives, unless you used a patch. I wanted to sell a older imac and needed the drive replaced. Instead of having to explain to the buyer of the mac. That you would have to install some patch to get the drive to operate 100%. I opted to just get a apple oem drive. On the web site, they had it listed for I think $75. I called and to see if it was instock and could I come pick it up, They said yes.
    When I go their, they decided to ring it up at $99. They tried to tell me that their online prices are different then their in store price. $25 price difference.
    ''Screw that'' I said, and left.
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    Nov 17, 2009
    Really? Will you egg Ken's car for me? I'll pay you for it... I really hate this guy. :mad:
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