iPad Pro I want to Back Up my Data Faster.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by TheRealAlex, May 13, 2018.

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    This is not acceptable going forward into 2018 and beyond. Apple has done everything possible to dissuade people from needling to “Back Up” connected to a PC for years now thanks to iCloud, it works great. Pictures and Contacts come right back.

    They have even gone as far as Removing features from iTunes such as Contacts and Calanedars, Pictures Back Up. Now it’s on a separate app called iCloud Back Up which does everything possible to make you upload all you Pictures (personal or not) and sensitive documents to iCloud. Which I refuse to do.

    But considering buying a 512GB model for this years Pro Version got me thinking.
    I’ve spent a lot of money on fast 500GB Nvme M.2 drives 3200MBps much faster than an SSD. Even an SSD at around 550MB/sec is limited by USB 2.0 speeds which is limited to 60MB/sec.

    But when you have a lot of 4GB movies to transfer. Simply Syncing via iCloud becomes a Problem. You are limited to your Internet ISP Speeds. Even content creators who edit video files on the iPad Pro large 40GB video files just can’t use iCloud for this. We need something faster.

    It’s time for Thunderbolt 3 Support for iPad Pro

    Just spent 30 Minutes trying to figure out how to Back Up my iPad to my PC without uploading private data pictures and document scans to iCloud. I did it. But for the life of me I can’t get 3 Movie Files I put on my iPad Pro back onto my PC.
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    Ouch, it seems Apple is on a roll to remove more features than ever. Can you not select what albums are able to be backed up, or is it all/nothing?
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    Music is ok.
    Video is not possible they don’t want you dragging and dropping video on and off your own iPad. They only want you downloading videos from iTunes Store. Clearly understandable. Yet.
    How do I get a movie let’s say Bourne Identity off my iPad ?
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