I want to compose music and play it

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by jamdr, Feb 7, 2007.

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    Is there an application that will let me enter in specific notes and then play it back for me? In GarageBand I can play notes with my keyboard, but I want to just see a blank manuscript and be able to write note values on it and then have it played back for me. What application can do that?
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    Well, Sibelius and Finale are both excellent (but expensive) tools, and are designed for professional use.

    I believe Sibelius do an educational package called Sibelius Student (although the pre-requisite is obviously that you are a student).

    I whole heartedly recommend this sibelius products anyway. Check out here anyway.

    Incidentally, Logic Express can do score writing, although it's not great.
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    Finale notepad is a free limited version of Finale. It is VERY crappy and watered down. (Well, it is free, I guess.) Earlier versions of notepad had more features. They have continuously cut it down so now you just have basic notes/rests and a staff.

    Sibelius or Finale can be found for around $250 or so EDU.
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    Need more info...

    Depends what you want to do.

    What kind of music?

    Do you want to produce scores for performance? If so then how many players? A lead sheet for one guy on a keyboard for some simple pop songs or a super complex piece for an orchestra with 100 players?

    If it is for something very simple than even GB3 has a score and midi editor.

    I am very much familiar with Finale as I have a B.M in music composition and had to use the program daily for everything from part writing assignments to my own modern pieces to orchestration projects for 50 players.

    I will vouche for Sibleius or Finale as both of them can create scores of any complexity and each program also has very high quality midi sounds for standard orchestra instruments that were sampled from the actual instruments and sound damn close to the real thing with accuate dynamics articulation etc..

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