I want to put together two mp4s in Quicktime X

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by bashinda, Jul 30, 2010.

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    I recently purchased QuickTime 7.1 Pro. Then my computer died after too much exposure to cute preschoolers and we purchased a new-used imac running snow leopard. (It's less than a year old). It, of course, has QuickTime X and I can't even install Quicktime 7 because I have QuickTime X on there. (grr).

    I used to be able to cut and paste and put together multiple videos which I'd like to do now.

    I saved multiple files in mp4 format and I wanted to put them altogether into one video. Is my only choice ditching Quicktime X and going back to 7.1? I'm kind of annoyed that I just paid for the Pro version a few months ago and now I don't get to use it and on top of that the functionality I had with 7.1 isn't even there in X. I'm having a hard time figuring out why this is an upgrade. The only upgrade is that it looks nicer having no borders. Sometimes, style over substance, can go a little too far.

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    Ya this confused me too.

    You can have both installed but, here is the catch.

    You have to take your OS restore disk and install the "Optional Extras" under one of the extras you will see Quicktime 7.1, install it and use your QT Pro key and activate pro.
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    I believe you can download and adapted version of Quicktime 7.1 for snow leopard which is installed in the utilities folder and can activate the 'Pro' functions, however if you just want to stitch 2 .mp4's together I recommend iSquint.

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