I want to return macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by bsp, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. bsp macrumors newbie

    Dec 25, 2008
    Macbook 2.o ghz was bought on 8 December, i want to upgrade to 2.4ghz. I have opened it,used it, downloaded msn and took pictures on photobooth.
    I bought it in an apple store and have receipt, will i beable to return it for an upgrade?
  2. youssefm macrumors 6502

    Oct 7, 2008
    its past the 14 day period, but you can try and pay the restocking fee and upgrade fee if you want.. i don't think you should upgrade personally
  3. ebika macrumors 6502

    Nov 17, 2008
    Probably not, but worth a shot. You're outside the 2 week return window, but if you ask nicely they may allow it.
  4. bsp thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 25, 2008
    I heard somewhere it was 30days but i must be wrong..
  5. iVeBeenDrinkin' macrumors 65816


    Oct 17, 2008
    They will not let you do an exchange after 14 days if you bought it from the Apple store.
  6. JG271 macrumors 6502a


    Dec 17, 2007
    Nah definitely 14 days. If you ask nicely and buy a new one at the same time you return it they might not ask you to pay the restocking fee, who knows.
  7. ebika macrumors 6502

    Nov 17, 2008
    The return date is on your receipt if it was from an Apple store.
  8. JML42691 macrumors 68020


    Oct 24, 2007
    Unless if you get a really nice (and I mean way out of his way) manager or other employee dealing with your return, then they most likely will not let you return it because you are out of the 14 day return period. But if for whatever reason they do allow you to return it, expect to pay the 10% restocking fee. The chances of them accepting it as a return are so small and I would say that it is not worth your effort, as you will most likely not be allowed to return it.
  9. goldfronts macrumors member

    Dec 23, 2008
    worst case scenario - sell it and save up some cash for the 2.4
  10. bsp thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 25, 2008
    ok then, i take it you cant update the ghz then without getting a new mac?
    And if i wanted to upgrade my memory from 160gb to 250gb how would i do this?
  11. SnowLeopard2008 macrumors 604


    Jul 4, 2008
    Silicon Valley
    Open the battery cover. Unplug the existing HD and slap in the new one. Make sure you backup your data.
  12. svndmvn Guest

    Nov 6, 2007
    I read the 0.4GHz difference is minimum, you can't really tell, so don't worry.
    As for the HD and RAM, they are both user upgradable without having to worry about the warranty, just keep the originals in case you have to sent the Macbook in for repair as Apple is not responsible for your new Memory and HD.
    2GB of Memory is plenty for regular use and is still quite expensive, wait some more time,maybe and upgrade later to 4GB, for instance, it's supposed to be DDR3 1066MHz
    as for the HD, as long as it's 2.5" I think you're good to go, Buy a case for the one inside your Mac and you can even upgrade to a 500GB and 7200rpm opposed to the 5400rpm you currently have.

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