I was going to try iTunes Match, but .....

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    Aloha everyone,

    Let me first say that I'm in the iPhone development program and finally decided to load up the more recent beta build of both iTunes and iOS, then to try out iTunes Match, when I was greeted by the attached message. Has anyone else gotten this message in the iTunes Match pane of iTunes? I was kind of getting a bit excited, only to be crushed by my lateness in attempting to fire up iTunes Match :(

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    Apr 6, 2010
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    Apple will be opening it up to more devs after the holidays probably.

    Your not missing much unless you enjoy having a screwed up iTunes library.
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    If you can even get it to work that is. I and many others with larger libraries (over 10K songs) are not even able to get through the setup process. It keeps freezing and crashing and restarting.
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    I've got ~3500 song and after 10 or so tries I still can't get through the setup. It screwed up my library completely so I deactivated it and all is well. I strongly caution against using it.
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    I've had some success with my library (it's about 20,000 songs), but I had to tweak things to get it to work. First off, trying to setup with that large of a library proved to be a dead end street. What I had to do on my mac was close itunes, then reopen while holding the option button. I then chose create new library (itunes 1). Then in preferences I told it not to copy songs when adding. I then added a few hundred songs and started match. It worked fine, though the matching is hit or miss. Some songs from albums not available on itunes matched fine and I was able to upgrade to better quality files. Other songs that were available didn't match. Songs purchased from my UK account weren't matched, but when I downloaded them through match the tags where changed to show them as purchased songs from my USA account, which was neat. I think I got about 4000 songs done, but this weekend the match feature seems to be having problems. The good thing about this workaround is that when I switch back to my real library the cloud settings transfer so those 4000 songs show as being available in both libraries.
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    If you value your library & your time, why risk it?

    I don't understand what lures you in.

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