iPad I went straight from iOS 9 to iOS 12. These are the UI changes that annoy me the most

Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by iRock1, Oct 27, 2018.

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    I have an iPad Air and jumped from an almost legacy system (iOS 9.3.3) directly to iOS 12. So I skipped two major releases there. I found that a lot of things changed during these years. And while I loved the update in general, there are some UI decisions on the iPad that REALLY annoy me.

    1. The iPad has a huge display, unlike the iPhone. Why removing the convenient coexistence of widgets and notifications in just one screen? (Specially in landscape mode.) Why the need of extra steps and a longer workflow?

    2. Closely related to the previous point, why leaving out the option of invoking the widgets screen or the notifications screen, depending on which one was used the latest? I use widgets a lot, and specially Spotlight. Having to slide down from the top to call the Cover Sheet, then swiping to the right to see the widgets view, and then tapping in the Spotlight bar feel like a Via Crucis.

    3. What's the damn purpose of Control Center blurring all the screen? It's just a ridiculously small set of buttons in the top right corner. The unnecessariness of this change in CC is even more evident when changing the screen brightness. If you are watching a movie and then invoke CC, you can't see how the changes are actually affecting the iOS environment, unlike before.

    4. What's with the duplicity of functions? Seriously, get you UI-philosophy-crap together, Apple. There are shortcuts for the camera in CC, but also to the right of Cover Sheet. When you are playing audio you can control it where it's supposed to be controlled, i.e. CC, but also you can invoke Cover Sheet where in fact you get a better experience. On the other hand, widgets are supposed to live in the left side of Cover Sheet, and yet buttons like the one to create a new note live in CC. Then you ask, if I can quickly create a note in CC (which in the current state of affairs is definitely a quicker and more accessible option than the widgets view), why not letting developers to add their own shortcuts, like creating a note but in Evernote instead of the system's app?
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    As an iPad Air user I can’t comment on that.
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    I agree with the general sentiment of your post. Having a quick access button for the camera when a swipe to the left in the same place produces the same result is asinine. I can think of about 20 different functions that could replace that button that wouldn’t be redundundent.

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