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    Apr 8, 2011
    About a year and half ago I gave my iPad Air 2 to the wife so she could use it in her classroom. I did this because I had upgraded from an iPhone 6 to an 8 Plus and thought the additional screen size was enough. I managed without an iPad well enough.

    Fast forward to the last few weeks and I found myself in a situation where having an iPad would be extremely useful.

    I started off with the Mini as the form factor was extremely appealing to me. I mostly enjoyed it for a few days, but ultimately decided to return it as the fonts on some ups was just too damn small.

    That left me with the decision of what to do next. Forget getting an iPad and saving some cash, going with the Air 3 or gunning for a Pro 11?

    I very much debated gunning for the Pro 11, but there’s a few reasons I didn’t.

    1. Concerns over durability. I checked it out in store and was surprised how ‘fragile’ it felt. The Air3 feels like sturdier device. Also, hearing about ‘bendgate’ and watching drop tests videos has me really concerned about dropping $1000 on a tablet…
    2. Lack of a Smart Keyboard. Yes, there’s the Smart Keyboard Cover, but that doesn’t offer enough protection for me, and at $180, the cost is just too much, considering how how much a Pro 11 costs. With an Air 3 I can have a separate back case in addition to the Smart Keyboard, giving me the flexibility for productivity and portable protection.
    3. Lack of split keyboard. This is a huge must have for me. While I love the Smart Keyboards, I don’t always want to use my iPad in landscape mode, on a table. Sometimes I just want to type something out while holding in portrait mode, and split keyboard is perfect for this.
    4. Cost. Amazon sells the 256GB Air for $30 off right now and the Smart Keyboard is 50% off. Decent savings right there. A comparable pro is $400 more. For that price I could buy a Mini 5 to complement the Air 3…
    5. Pro-motion is not a concern for me, nor is Apple Pencil 2 (or pencil 1 for that matter). Quad speakers would be nice, but my Sony noise cancelling headphones are better…

    So who else decided the Air 3 is the way to go?
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    compost heap
    That is what I decided too. I am very happy with my space gray Air 3 256GB Wi-Fi only. I don't have a single complaint. OK, well, I admit, I did buy the Pencil and too bad it doesn't support Pencil 2 - the Pencil 1 is awkward as all get out, not only the shape (round - easily rolls off the desk), but the fact that the cap can be lost super easily, there is no place to put the pencil when not in use (the Pencil 2 snaps nicely to the iPad), and of course that ridiculous charging situation... the fact that it has fewer features is just another downer. So yes, Pencil 1 is *vastly* inferior in every way (compared to the Pencil 2) and superior in none.

    But otherwise - wow. I don't care about the speakers one bit - it's enough for watching youtube etc., and I always can use headphones or an external sound bar for better quality, I literally can see zero reason to have the 4 speakers vs 2 on the Air. Same with pro-motion - an non-issue for me - if you have a desktop or laptop, you only have 60Hz to begin with, so I don't miss the 120Hz I have never used anyway. Would it be nice to have thinner bezels like the 11"? Sure. But oddly I kinda prefer the aspect ratio on the Air (weird, I know). I love how light it is, and how nice to hold - in fact 90% of the time I don't have anything attached to it, and the only time I do is when I'm typing on the fantastic Apple Smart Keyboard, which I love. But going buck naked on the iPad Air 3 just feels awesome :)

    I don't see the extra $bills I'd have to shell out for the 11" buying me much over the Air 3, so I am very happy with my choice. Plus, I feel like if I'm going to buy a Pro for that much dinero, I'd rather buy whatever it is that they come out with next, instead of settling for the 2018 version. Air 3 is brand new, and I feel good about buying this technology for much less money compared to paying for pretty much the same technology a lot more money in the Pro. I'll use the Air to chart out my workflows, and learn it thoroughly, and when iPadOS comes out, if I feel like it, I'd go for the next Pro which presumably would be geared much more tightly to iPadOS. Bottom line, I think timing-wise, Air 3 in early 2019 is the right move compared to buying the 2018 Pro. YMMV.
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    Mar 11, 2013
    What do u mean by ridiculous charging situation? Thanks.
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    Apr 8, 2011
    I feel almost exactly the same way!
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    rui no onna

    Oct 25, 2013
    I expect he’s referring to this:

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    compost heap
    rui no onna has got it - it's awkward in the extreme and quite disruptive (you can also charge it through the AC using a dongle you're likely to lose quickly). Compare to how simple it is to charge the Pencil 2 - completely painless.
  8. rui no onna macrumors 603

    rui no onna

    Oct 25, 2013
    Lol, I think I lost the teeny tiny adapter on day 2. :p
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    Not that this is in any way meant to tell people what to buy as far as the pencil or anything else, but I purchased (for about $7-8 from Amazon I think) a cord that has an adapter attached to the end. I did this for my grandkids to charge their Apple pencils because I KNEW they would lose the adapter.

    Just figured I'd mention it because it sure makes it a lot easier to just keep it plugged in with all the other cords, and charge the pencils there instead of in the iPad (which I knew would be a disaster with my grandkids).
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  11. Mainsail macrumors 65816

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    I bought the iPad Air 3. The Pro features were not worth the additional cost to me. Also, I am trying to decide if the iPad is going to be my primary device or just supplemental, so I wasn’t willing to fork out the dough for top of the line iPad while I experimented with different usage.

    I have owned the base iPad Air 3 for about 3 months, and it has been great. I use it all of the time and rarely pickup my MBA. IPad OS promises to make the Air even more capable. I will need to use a dongle to connect external drives rather than directly via USB-C, which is a minor inconvenience compared to the Pro.....but I really don’t need to connect that often, since I use cloud storage for everything. Otherwise, the Pro features are really not very important to me, and the Air seemed to be a good value for my use case.
  12. Freakonomics101 macrumors 68000


    Nov 6, 2014
    Everyone has a different opinion. I love my iPad Pro 10.5. I do love the pro motion and 4 speakers. Pencil works great on it and the iPad has a good amount of bass and surround sound to it. The Air 3 is nice though. The price for it isn’t bad either. iPadOS 13 will definitely add more value to the price of the iPad.

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