i would hate to see the eMac discontinued.


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Nov 15, 2003
it's such a good option for people with lower incomes to be able to buy a fully functional apple computer for a lower price. i hope they do like they did before, and make an iMac G4 looking one.


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Jan 6, 2004
Cape Cod
I wouldn't bee too surprised if Apple started to phase out the eMac, after all, it was originally intended for the educational market only.

There is one part of me that says keep the eMac, it's nice to have an all-in-one computer with the monitor, speakers, and mouse. The eMac still seems like it's well suited to the educational environment, I mean you can just walk off with an eMac like you could with a Mac Mini.

The other part of me says ditch it; at least for the consumer market. You can get a Mac Mini + your choice of monitor, keyboard, and mouse - most likely at a lower price than the eMac too.

And seeing the eMac go to a G4 iMac style would also be nice, but (referring the the LCD) would just make costs go up. Personally I'd rather have a faster computer and a slightly larger monitor than something like the iMac G4 or G5. (and I own a G4 iMac :D )


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Jan 23, 2005
Current Event: CompUSA Apple dept. has a clearance on: 1.33 GHz PowerBook 12", eMac

There are however more eMacs on display that any other mac, AND the coolest - to show the Mini works with everything, the Mini has a 2 button top, scrollwheel, 2 side button mouse attatched, a 15" LCD made by some fake brand, and an Apple keyboard... and it looks cool!


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Sep 19, 2003
Montréal (Canada)
I disagree!

The eMac is an excellent computer for a specific market! People who dont care about technology and just want a computer.

Using the eMac is simple, just plug the power cord, plug the keyboard/mouse and you are set. Everything about that computer is simple and strongly built. There is noway to do something wrong and this is an important factor for computer newbies.

My mom loves her eMac, the display is gorgeous it never failed to her and she trusts it more than any pc she ever had.

For these reason, I see that there is a market for simple computer. It might have shrunk with the mac mini but you have to understand that they both target completely different segments of the market.

eMacs are also very usefull in business office because they are thief resistant, dont cost much/easy to maintain, look nice and are powerfull enough for most tasks.

the real problem with this computer is how similar it is to an iMac, they both have low end video cards and about the same ram limit. I wish they could up the video card in the iMac to something serious and put a G5 in the eMac. It would help to make a distinction between the two, but I dont think its ever going to happen... They will probably keep the eMac long enough for another 1-2 iMac price drop and 0-1 mac mini update. Once the line between product is too blured, they will phase it out. The only chance of survival for the eMac is to difference it from the mini and iMac...

Monk Edsel

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Apr 7, 2004
The eMac fills a niche, but... it's sort of archaic compared to the rest of Apple's line up. Ditch it. Well... no. Sell only direct to education. That seems to be what they are gearing up to do anyway. But I'd definitely pull them from retail. For the price of an eMac you can have a mini with a monitor and everything. If you want an all in one then that's what the iMac is for. If you don't want to spend that much, then that is what the mini is for.
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