I would like this as a background....


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Dec 17, 2008
London, UK
Hi Everyone I wonder if you can help.

I like the below screen grab from when you open folders within 'Launch Pad'

I also seem to remember that it was set as a background image for part of the installation process for Lion or within the migration manager. Does anyone know if this or something like it is available as a desktop wallpaper?

Thanks so much for any help.



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Jun 24, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Here: http://forkbombr.net/downloads/backgroundTile.png

If you set it to tiled, it'll work.

http://forkbombr.net/lions-linen/ said:
I was digging around in the System Library folder in Lion this afternoon, and found the linen graphic Apple uses heavily in the new OS. It was inside the Dock.app bundle, if you’re curious. I’ve also copied it here, if you can get enough of the new texture. It actually make a pretty decent minimalistic wallpaper when tiled.
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