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    Aug 10, 2011
    I realise variants of this question have been asked but I'd appreciate some advice choosing between these options.

    I'm already set on 512GB SSD so decided to go for the top base model and work from there - the price difference is £90 compared to the mid range with that SSD.

    From here I am having difficulty deciding which processor and graphics to go for. The computer is a replacement for my parents 2007 iMac and for their use I would go i5/M395, however, I am going to use it in place of my 2012 cMBP for photography (Lightroom, limited Photoshop use) and Autodesk inventor (bootcamp or VD). Additionally, we are finally getting round to transferring/editing old camcorder videos - non-HD.

    I'm pretty happy with the performance of my MBP in Lightroom and the video editing is ok too, so whatever choice I go with I know I will be impressed but do you think it is worth paying the extra for i7, M395x or both?
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    See my new thread 'Answers: Which retina iMac do i Get?.

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