i5 v 2.66 intel core 2 duo.

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Hakimm, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Yeah im considering getting a mbp. I really want to get a 13 inc becuase i have a feeling it will be ten times more portable. With the deal i would be getting there would be a £100-150 difference between a 13inc 2.66ghz core 2 duo and a 15inc i5.

    But how much faster is the i5 compared to the 2.66?

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    go with the 15, it will feel nicer and give you more screen yet stay quite portable [​IMG]
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    The question is what you will be doing? Because if you aren't doing anything processor intensive, you wouldn't notice a difference, and in that case you wouldn't notice a difference between the 2.4 and 2.66 C2D either. This topic has literally been beaten to death, so I am sure you could find a thorough answer if you search the forums.
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    Great Site MacVibe.

    If OP is too lazy to read...

    Here is the important part.

    It's no surprise the new laptops are faster. It's interesting to note, though, that the slowest Core i5 is faster than the fastest Core 2 Duo processor despite running at a much lower frequency (2.40GHz vs 3.06GHz). This is a result of the architecture improvements in the i5 and the i7. For example, Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading provide a nice boost to processor scores; single-threaded workloads benefit from higher processor frequencies while multi-threaded workloads benefit from extra hardware threads. Memory scores (especially Stream scores which measure raw memory bandwidth) are higher due to the integrated memory controller#Technology) on the i5 and i7.
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    the upgraded 13" is the worst value in Apple's line-up. Either get the base 13" or base 15". The upgraded 13" cost $300US more than the base model, and the only upgrade you get is a small processor (clock speed) bump of 266MHz. Literally nothing. And I suppose a slightly larger HDD. The processors and the HDDs probably costs Apple the same, so this is just pure profit for them.

    I really cannot see why anyone would ever consider the upgraded 13"?!?
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    the 15" is very portable and the speed increase is considerable.
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    Real-world benchmarks between those two machines:


    The i5 has a substantial speed increase, but whether you'll really notice it will depend on what you're doing with the machine.

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