i7-2600k Build Performance & Benchmarks for Reference

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  1. alphaone, Mar 6, 2011
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    Thought people might be interested in the performance of this tech. I just finished my brand new SB i7-2600k build. Here's the complete specs:

    Lian Li PC-A05NB case
    Intel i7-2600k @ 4.5GHz - Cooler Master Hyper 212+ CPU cooler (temps 30C idle, ~60 load)
    AMD HD 6970
    MSI P67A-GD55(B3) motherboard
    G.Skill 8GB DDR3 1600
    Corsair AX850 PSU
    500GB WD Caviar Black SATAIII
    2x 250GB WD Caviar Black SATAII RAID 0
    Samsung Blu Ray Combo Drive

    (Don't think I'm too crazy, some of these parts were scavenged from my [rather] old computer)

    Now the good stuff, folding performance:

    Used the PPD calc here: http://linuxforge.net/bonuscalc2.php


    @ 4.4ghz
    TPF: ~2 min 5 sec
    PPD: 31026

    @ 4.5ghz
    p6900 (core a5)
    TPF: ~26 min 0 sec
    PPD: 46454

    -GPU3 (HD 6970, stock speeds)

    p5733 (core_11)
    TPF: ~2 min 10 sec
    PPD: Too loud...

    Other benchmarks for fun:

    (32-bit, so it under performs)




    Handbrake Win 7 GUI svn3830 compress 1080p blu ray rip to 720p, high profile, CQ RF: 22 @~40fps
    -Compress DVD rip (NTSC) to same resolution, high profile, decomb and detelecine active, CQ RF: 17.75 @~95fps
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    Nice! Bigadv it up! You said you got a passkey right?
  3. alphaone, Mar 7, 2011
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    Aug 12, 2003

    Btw, I bumped it up to 4.6 now just because who doesn't like an extra 100mhz. It handled it no problem. Temps went up a couple degrees under load but I think that's mostly because I'm running into a heat saturation problem with the case right now (it's a pretty small one). Either way the temps remain under 65C and are well within the safe range of the 2600k (TjMax is at 98C).

    Also I just wanted to point out that my 08 13" MBP that I've been using for everything for the past 2 years does the Cinebench OpenGL benchmark at about 5 (FIVE!) fps and this computer does it at 96! It's amazing being able to play games now. It's like, I didn't realize they could be this smooth!
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    nice setup and thanks for sharing! that seems like a great chip! finally something better than the 920/930 i7! how much did the processor cost?

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