i7 macbook pro extremely slow when hooked up with tv

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by rikscha, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Mar 8, 2010

    I have my macbook pro i7 (april '10) hooked up with my panasonic full hd plasma tv over hdmi.

    I am using one of Apples iWire minidisplayport to hdmi cables (no adapter!).

    whenever my macbook is hooked up with my tv, my magic mouse gets extremely slow and the whole system is very sloppy.

    Especially when Im watching a 1080p movies in vlc, my macbook needs about 5-10 sec to stop the movie when I try to pause it.

    the macbook is in clamshell mode and connected to a power socket (this is necessary if you want to use 1080p output)

    I read on Apples support forum that people seem to have very similar problems with the latest mac minis.

    I will start my bootcamp partition now and see if I experience the same problems under windows.

    Any ideas how to fix the problem? Do you experience the same? thanks
  2. mulo, Jan 25, 2011
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    check your memory, VLC is bugged and doesnt drop memory again (although not allocated to vlc) so the entire movie is laying in your ram. (even after you quit vlc) type purge in terminal to clear it up

    edit: forgot to say, if your not watching HD that is normally not a problem.
  3. rikscha thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Mar 8, 2010
    under windows I have no problems at all. VLC works flawlessly.

    I dont think it is solely a vlc problem under mac. The system is getting slower when using vlc but even after a reboot the whole OS is not as snappy as it should be. For example, when opening windows you can clearly see a lag. Also my Magic Mouse is less responsive when connected to my TV. I tested this on several TVs. But then again it does work from time to time and you dont experience these kind of problems.

    I know you said VLC was very memory hungry but I dont experience these kind of problems with my mac when it is not hooked up to my tv. It is really annoying that every 15min when watching a movie, the video will get choppy for a couple of seconds. It seems to be a graphic problem.

    Of course I have installed all the latest updates etc. Also when I remove the hdmi cable from my macbook, the OS needs about a minute to work again.

    I was wondering if anyone else experience the same problems

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