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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by speedemonV12, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Hello everyone,

    So I decided that it was time to reinstall Leopard, and I saw iBackup (http://www.grapefruit.ch/iBackup/)and decided it would be a decent option to backup my files. Big Mistake so far.

    I chose the profile backup, and then selected everything that I wanted to backup, including my music folder. I let the process complete, and everything went fine. I reinstalled Leopard, and then went to restore everything that I had saved using iBackup. So i selected the restore profile, and chose the folder that i backed up to, and then hit the restore button. Everything worked fine. But then i noticed that it didnt allow me to select my music to restore, there was no music selection, it just wasnt there.

    So i tried to copy over the music folder manually, its a total of 60GB. It copied over fine, and then i imported the folder in iTunes, and i only get about 17GB of music, and only 1540 songs versus 5000 that i had before. The music folder still shows 60GB when i show info.

    So i thought there must be hidden files, i got Tinkertool, showed hidden files, and there everything was, except its not music, all the hidden files are weird,
    here is a screen shot of what im talking about:


    see how what should be music under the When Your Heart Stops Beating folder, are hidden files, they are all the right size of the songs, but they are not mp3 :( does anyone know how to fix this? or what I should do?? you can also see there are some mp3's that were copied correctly, such as Elbrus (North Wind Mix).mp3

    sorry for the long description, but i really need to get this fixed, so i tried to provide as much detail as possible..

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    ya gone through all that, drive is formatted correctly.

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