iBares didn't backup - now killed iPod

Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by EvanLugh, May 1, 2008.

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    So I accidently messed up a few strings on my iPod Touch 16GB 114. I downloaded iBares, a backup utility people were raving about. I did three backups of my third party applications (installer applications such as RSS, Twitter etc [ i had some 20 something applications]). I restored everything, re jailbroke.

    I've just done a restore through iBares and nothing is there. I looked at the archive on my mac and the applications are there [in the backup].
    Is there anyway I can salvage my iPod? Also, the maps, mail aren't working either. They load and close again.

    Hope I've provided enough information, but this one is really making me clueless. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Wrong section, meant to be in iPod Hacks, Sorry. Can use the report post button [​IMG] to get it moved
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    I am presuming you stuck with 1.1.4?
    I have no eixperience with ibares, but the archive, are they just a folder of .apps? if they are, just SSH them back on.

    as for the apps not working, are they purchased from apple? if they are, try another restore, or bring it to a appl retailer

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