IBM or Freescale???

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Metatron, Jan 3, 2005.

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    With the Mac expo close, I started to think about what we all know will probably not happen; Powermac/books updates. I started to think about how long it is taking to get a G5 based Powerbook and even posted in some treads about it lately. I am curious though. Given what we know about the G5 processor and the MPC8641D processor, which would you rather have?

    The only thing I can think of that would make me want a G5 over the MPC8641D is that the next OS from apple (after Tiger) might be fully 64bit. Which could limit it rather quick. The pdf link below states that the cores start at least 1.5 ghz per core and it supports PCI Express, rapid I/O, nice FSB, etc., etc. That makes me think that it could easily achive speed in the 2 ghz range. And with speed like that, it being dual core and all, it could possible give a Powermac a run for it's money.

    What do some of you more hardwear savy guys think?

    MPC8641D Fact Sheet
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    From what I know, I agree with you that a G5 isn't going into a Powerbook at MWSF, or any time before Autumn. It may go into a PB at MWSF 2006. ;)

    Anyway, I'd rather see a Freescale G4 in the PB rather than a G5. I think we'll see it at MWSF, or possibly at WWDC in Spring/Summer. Even if Apple manages to cram a G5 in the PB, it will always be too hot. It may be usable, but it won't be comfortable, or operate within the middle of the range at which we find laptops comfortable to use. It wouldn't be good to use a G5 and have your PB operate at high temperatures (ie: 50-55+ Celsius) all the time. If they can get it to operate within reasonable parameters, then sure, but if it requires a strange and complex cooling system, or louder fans, then forget it. It would be like jamming a circle peg into a square hole.....

    Also, I don't really care if it's a freescale or IBM chip. They'll both be good. I don't see why people would feel down if Apple were to choose a Freescale G4 over a G5. If it's fast, then it is fast, and I don't care what they call it. Call it a G2 for all I care, as long as its a decent improvement.

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