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    It should be possible if you have an Intel Mac and not a PPC Mac. Partition the hard drive and give OS/2 its own partition. You may run into a problem if you only have OS/2 on 3.5" floppy disks. I believe a later version of OS/2 was made available on a CD but am not sure.
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    Maybe he can make a disk image from those floppy disks and use USB drive to load the image to install.
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    Most likely not, unless you intend to run it in a virtual machine. OS/2 was discontinued in 2006 and will most likely lack most or all necessary drivers and capabilities to boot natively on Mac hardware.

    There are descendants of OS/2 - eComStation and ArcaOS - that possibly might work, if you think the price is right, though I wouldn't bet on them supporting Apple hardware natively either.
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    Why would you want to? The benefit to OS/2 from my development work on it a long time ago was the virtual address space (i.e. 64bit vs 32). And a fellow developer had built a really nice trading system using it for that reason. Perhaps I’m missing the point, but 64 bit is no longer the exception.

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