iBook and games?


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Jun 11, 2005
Hi I'm new here and want to try out macs on full scale (not only in shops) before getting such as my main computer - if I ever will - since my current PC is ok.

I'm not so much into gaming and that's why I've been thinking iBook, not PB. Question is, what can that current system run anyways? It's graph card is 3 years old design and AFAIK, Tiger doesn't even support it with it's Quarz Extreme. I know it will be updated soon and I'm going to wait for it, but a 32mbit gcard seems insane nowadays. Can it run photoshop fluently (0.5-20 meg pics)? What about some games from this or last year?

And if I want to plug my guitar in it, how am I supposed to do it without analog audio-in?

Don't suggest powerbook for me, since I want to start my Macventure© with a cheap laptop I need quite soon anyway.


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Mar 6, 2005
As your willing to wait for the next rev iBook i would not worry about the video card (it is not too bad but will not handle the newer games like Doom 3 I think it will run photoshop alright though)

Anyway the new iBook should be out by the end of the month an should fulfill your needs so i'd wait for that to be released...

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Mar 3, 2005
Virginia, U.S.A.
The only disadvantage I have noticed with having an iBook that doesn't fully support Core Image is the ripple. And frankly, I can live without. But for gaming, I've had no trouble playing that game that came with my G3 iBook... oh... what's it called.. Otto Matic. Not that the game is exciting, and not that I ever game more than once per... year; but it does the job and there is absolutely no lag.

I use Photoshop daily on this machine with images ranging from 500KB to about 4MB and it has been flawless. Doing some filters on those larger images takes some time (maybe about 4 seconds from my experience), but that is not a significant deterrent. Even more, I always have Mail, Safari, and NetNewsWire open, so that counts as a lot of RAM being occupied that Photoshop could be implementing had those apps been closed. I've never actually tried running Photoshop with no other program open, but I assume, with reason, that it would run considerably faster if I allocated more RAM for it. I am using Photoshop CS (8), by the way.

If you want to plug in a guitar or other instrument/mic, check out M-Audio. Very nice equipment from them.


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Apr 11, 2004
I run a lot of games fine on my ibook, Americas Army(mid-high detail), WoW(low detail), Football Manager 2005, Jedi Acadamey II(mid detail).
They all run just fine and WoW still looks amazing on low detail settings.