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Oct 20, 2004
New York, NY (Chelsea)

I have been thinking about getting an iBook and I am wondering if I order it from a reseller, is there anyway I can get BT built-in instead of buying the external D-Link BT Adapater? Does any Apple-certified tech shop do this?

Also, I don't mind an Apple-certified refurbished iBook, but when I check out their site, it does not seem to offer me the option to custom build- i.e. add BT as well. Any ideas?

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Feb 14, 2005
I've tried to find this out too. I was thinking about saving my money on Bluetooth and then ordering it later and installing it myself (or having it installed). But I don't think it can be done by anyone other than an authorized Apple technician without voiding your warranty.

Since you're down there, why not just stop by Tekserve and check them out. I'm pretty sure they have some iBooks there with Bluetooth built-in. Just ask the person at the front desk. But try to get there early.


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Mar 10, 2004
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As far as I've understood, it is not possible to add an internal Bluetooth module to an iBook, even at an Apple Service Senter. I know they can replace it, but I've not found any who will add one... :(


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Nov 4, 2003
My understanding is that the bluetooh module for the iBook is a Build To Order ONLY option.

It can not be installed after the fact with out some fairly major disassembly that voids the warranty.

At least that's the answer I got when I called Apple.

I also inquired about getting a hard drive upgrade without voiding my AppleCare.

I was told that also could not be done.

If you really want the bluetooth you should be able to have the reseller of your choice special order it for you.

or just bite the bullet and get the PowerBook with built in Bluetooth.

I have seen the module on ebay for as little as $25; but that doesn't necessarily include the cable and antenna needed to hook it up. There are several guides out there on the net that give upgrade instructions, if you want to risk voiding your warranty.

Bottom line, if you want it in an iBook your best bet is to get it Built To Order. Either directly from apple or via your reseller.

Good luck!

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