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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nologo, Jun 26, 2006.

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    Jun 23, 2003
    Hi there, my college is selling their leased apple computers for final sale at heavily discounted prices, one that caught my eye was this config:

    iBook G3 900Mhz
    640MB Ram
    32Mb Ati Radeon 7500
    40GB Hard Drive
    $431 (Canadian) (around 383 American)

    This is for sale through the Mac Service department at my college and said that the laptops were all checked to good working condition - so I -may- (emphasis on the 'may') be safe to assume that these laptops have either been repaired through the logic board repair program or don't need to be.

    Would you recommend the purchase? There is no warranty and no airport card included (the cheapest I could find in a store for one was $139 used (canadian - $123 American approx), and the airport would be a must for me. Also of note these were leased laptops to students so they have several in this configuration.

    I am aware of the performance of this laptop and I think that the speed is worth the asking price (mostly the computer is going to be used to watch dvds, take notes, and browse the web, with the occasional photoshop work when needed - no worries though, this computer is already faster than what I currently use). What I am mainly concerned about is the logic board issue and any other issues that are inherent to this model that I may not be aware of. I am also aware of the fact that these are used laptops and battery life may be an issue (in which case I may have to purchase a new battery). Also, are there any suggestions as to what I should look for before purchasing it when I get to test the laptop itself? What accessories should come with the laptop other than the mini-VGA to vga adapter, power cord, and battery? Any input would be great on this issue.

    I don't think buying another laptop is an issue - it's either this one or nothing. I'm also going to wait until next week to think the purchase through.

    Thanks again in advance!

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