iBook Docks?


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Jan 23, 2005
Do they sell docks for the iBook?

My docks, I mean most computers (windows) laptops come with/sell a dock. This makes it so that you put the laptop on the dock, and it plugs everything into it. I was wondering, do they sell these for iBooks or PowerBooks?


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Jun 24, 2004
Google for Bookendz. I know they do PB models, but I'm unsure about iBooks. They are really just port replicators, but if you intend to use your PB/iB as a desktop unit as well they're useful in tha fact you can just plug it in, and all peripherals/power are already in the dock. The thing which isn't the best though (esp. for PBs) is that the mini-DVi is maintained as just that rather than splitting into a VGA/DVI plug, which would make sense.

Mind you if I started down that road, it should also encompass a built in USB and Firewire hubs at least doubling the amount of ports available on the laptops...
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