iBook Emergency! Please help! 2nd time posting for more advice

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by agirlwithadream, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Aug 5, 2006


    a few of you guys helped me out about what type of internet service ect to put on my computer a while back. I had already bought an iBook g4 off of ebay. I just got it in the mail today. Its outside appearance is good and has a very clear screen. I tried out cds and dvds in it and they worked fine. Here is the PROBLEM

    well there are several. First Adobe 7.0 wont even open up. I click on it and its like it freezes completely and only a portion of it will open. Mabe it was not installed correctly?

    The DATE on the computer reads 1969 lol . I tried to change this and did and pressed save but the date did not save it stayed 1969. WHy would this be? The computer every time you open it says that computer might not fuction propers since date is before 2001. I hope the date is what is causing all of this. What do you think!?

    Another problem. When you open up Excel the page only fits half of the screen. How do you get the page to be bigger?! I tried zooming in and that doesnt work. Also tried to click on the red plus sighn at the top left but that only makes it a small amount bigger. I want the page to fit the whole screen and I want to be able to read the words. They are so tiny and if I make the font bigger then the page is swallowed up by the letters because its so small!

    Microsoft word is having the exact same problems!!

    Another big issue. When I go into like Excel and I click on newsletters and it shows me all the different formats and I choose one. Then the news letter will come up to work with. however there is no way to go back to the starting page that I know of. If I click off of the newsletter then im back to the main screen. However the dock has a little black arrow next to the Excel icon at the bottom showing that its still open...yet there is no way to get back to it. At the top of the screen there is a bar that says Excel. If I click on that a drop down screen will go down and i can click on quit Excel. Yet there is no way really to GET to it even though i click on quit. Does that make sense?!

    Photoshop CS2 was pre installed as well ..there are no disks for these programs just the OS X service. I clicked on that but there is no background screen for it. there is like a editorial and then if u close that there are some other icons you can click on like toolbars but no background and no where for ur pictures to go that I can see!? was this program installed wrong?

    I have no idea what to do now. I mean ive worked with this thing for like 4 hrs well pretty much all day to get it to do SOMETHING. best ive been able to do is change the back ground and play a dvd and cd in it. Everything else isnt right. Like things such as safari I know require internet and again that is not on there yet . But shoudnt I be able to use the main programs like Excel and Photoshop that have nothing to do with the internet? and shoudnt the screen be MUCH bigger to where I can see it?

    I emailed the guy back who sold it to me . he was a very nice guy and we talked a LONG time before I bought this computer. It sounded great and he had very good feedback so I thought this was going to be a good thing. So far ive been able to do nothing with the iBook. I have thought of taking it to someone to look at . There might be a possibility they want to clean it out and install everything else back on right. meaning id lose those programs that were preinstalled. ugh.. even though I payed 1000 for this I still really want it to put an internet on so I can do online courses on it...and also for the photoshop but I might end up re buying this if for whatever reasons these programs on the computer are crap. Again I could probably send it back but I had heard these were such good laptops?!? and this one is almost brand new! what could be wrong!

    thanks sooooooo much guys for your help again. would appreciate any and all info
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    Jun 13, 2005
    What OS are you running?

    About Excel and Word: I assume you tried dragging from the lower right corner of the program?

    If your programs are screwy and you don't have the discs, well, I'm afraid it's a case of buyer beware. I hope you have the OS discs?

    Have you tried changing the resolution on your screen?

    System Preferences>Hardware Displays>Choose your Resolution.
  3. LeeTom macrumors 68000


    May 31, 2004
    It actually sounds like the programs are all working correctly, but that you're not familiar with now Macs work. When you open a program, you won't have a blank window open with a grey background like in Windows. In Excel, Word, and Photoshop, go up to File... New, and you can create a new document.

    Dragging the lower right corner of a document will allow you to change the window size.

    As for the date, go up to the clock, down to "Open Date & Time..." and correct the date. If it resets itself, you probably need a new clock battery. I'm not sure how to replace those on iBooks. (It's not the main battery, but a tiny one just for the clock.)

    EDIT: Adobe Reader sounds funky. You can alway download that from the web and reinstall it.
  4. Applespider macrumors G4


    Jan 20, 2004
    looking through rose-tinted spectacles...
    If the iBook's been powered off for a while, then that's why the clock has gone back to 1969. System preferences will allow you to change it - reading the Help file in the Finder might be an idea - it's full of useful advice!

    For a clue to which application you are actually in, look at the top corner next to the Apple logo. You'll see the name of your application - if you click the Excel logo on the Dock, its name will appear - then as Leetom said, you go to File and open a file.

    Incidentally, if you don't have the CDs for Photoshop/Office, chances are you've got illegal copies and won't be able to reinstall them so I hope you didn't pay extra to the buyer for them.
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    Aug 5, 2006
    Applespider hello! I was able to reset the clock. I was kinda told when I bought this computer that it was a month old however when I got it I am not realizing that previously someone else had owned this computer. The guy prob bought it off ebay and sold it to me because its a 2005 .I can always see which one program I am in but the program dissapears when i click the red x yet it says im still in it at the top of the screen is that normal? and when i go up to file and clicl open nothing happens . sometimes I will get a screen of programs or something but not the screen for Excel that i was in a min ago. Is really frusterating!!
    I agree with you about the photoshop thing. I think it was put on the computer when guy bought computer. He never used it prob so he just figured it worked since icon was there . I dunno... thanks soo much for your help.

    Lee Tom thanks so much for your info to. Yes I am not familiar with this program at all it is so unlike windows. I havent decided if I like this yet or not its definatly not what im used to . I feel like the computer screen is not all there ! Do you think my laptop will start working well when I put an intnernet on it? right now it is pretty slow. Didnt think it was saposed to be.

    Thedude110 HellO! thanks for your advice. Im running Mac OS X 10.4.7. is this a good or bad thing? I thought it was one of the more up to date ones. I have tried dragging my programs from the right corner and it only makes it marginally bigger. only way i can SEE the words is to go into zoon and move the numbers up to like 170 because they are on like 70 and almost microscopic. is there a way i can get them to STAY so I can see them. and is there a way to get the screen to fit the actual computer? Good news is I do have the OS X discs. Thanks u god I have some disc right. I have two discs that say side one and two with the big black x on them. These are what I use to reinstall whole program right? I figured out how to change the resolution thanks so much to u! what a relief i could see the words. they are very light though. biggest i can get it is 640x480. again it took away alot of the color and things are bigger but much lighter. i put on 800x600 and they are alright still light but still big enough to read.

    I am kind of split in the decision of whether or not to send this computer back. what do u guys think like most of my programs dont open at bottom becasue I dont have internet... adobe just wont work..photoshop doesnt appear to be working at all either. the computer is clear though..it holds a good battery charge..but again i payed 1000 for this and dont feel I should have to put more money into it for it to actually work. on the sellers plus side he did email me back today and told me when it left him evertything was fine . He tried to give me some ideas of things to do like if its not working in the dock delete it..find it in applications and drag it back . could this mabe help?

    my screen saver is also not working i set it on the beach one and screen just turns black when I dont touch computer so I mean I dunno. :( anyway though look forward to hearing back!! thanks again!!!
  6. Applespider macrumors G4


    Jan 20, 2004
    looking through rose-tinted spectacles...
    On an iBook, you really don't want to change the resolution. LCD screens work best with their 'native' resolution which should be what OS X puts it too.

    If you gave the guy $1000 for an iBook that's over a year old (unless it came with extra RAM etc and a Superdrive version), then I think you got a bit of a bum deal. You can get a brand new Macbook for $1099 (with base RAM and combo drive).

    When you close the window with the red button, you don't quit the application. It keeps running in case you want to do something else with it - there are a variety of benefits as to why you might want to. That's why the menu bar still says you're in Excel and the little triangle in the Dock will still be there. You need to choose 'Quit' from the Excel menu to get out of Excel entirely.

    I'd suggest going and reading through the Switch support pages on Apple.com which might give you more idea of what's happening on your system - start with Welcome to Aqua. Read them on whatever PC you are posting from while looking at your Mac.
  7. agirlwithadream thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 5, 2006
    Hey Applespider! thanks so much for your input. It helped a great deal. I gave him 1000 dollars not only because it sounded l ike it had alot of programs :rolleyes: but because it has 1.5 GB he upgraded it from 512 so I felt that was a good thing. Well I was told it was anyway! THe guy that sold it to me said he payed 200 for it to have more hard drive. Was it good I got this much?

    The guy emailed me back and is still trying to help me. He says that if need be I can give the computer back to him and he can try to fix it for me. However, he is not willing to return computer because he will lose to much money with the shipping ect so he says. Is this a fair statement? I was wrong but I never talked about shipping it BACK because i didnt think it was going to be going back before. I was kinda bummed that it wasnt even an option.

    The more I work with this computer the more I realize that OS X basic knowledge is my problem. I keep feeling like something is wrong when it really isnt at all, There is always just no back ground screen which im used to with windows and all kinds of stuff like that. My bf helped me again and feels the programs are WORKING just not as they would on windows. Why do people like OS X so much better it seems complicated to me! I hope it gets easier....

    Thanks for explaining about the red x.. I see now that its not meant to close the page. Is there any way to set the computer to where it will close the page when u click that instead of having to scroll down to click quit?

    also thanks so much for the links to read! i will read those!! look forward to hearing back :p

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