iBook--Ethernet not working?


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Jul 6, 2003
Los Angeles
At home I have a wireless network and everything is great. I visit a few different wireless hotspots and everything is also great. At work if I need internet access I have to plug my iBook (700mhz, 256MB, 10.2.6) into ethernet. I did that today and got nothing. Restarted, still nothing. Created a new location and changed network preferences to try ethernet first, turned off AirPort--nothing. Any ideas here? I'm not ruling out a network problem at work, but a problem on my end seems more likely.


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Mar 25, 2003
Melbourne, Australia
I'm not sure whether you have had internet access work previously at your work or not.

Have you checked which ports are active in your Network preferences? Disable all ports apart from ethernet for your ethernet set-up.

OSX networking will try and use all ports you have activated.

Are your TCP/IP settings for your ethernet port setup according to your work's network administrator's instruction?. If so, how do you test if your ethernet works? Have you tried pinging a machine on your local network?

If you can ping, local machines, try pinging an external domain eg www.apple.com?