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    Hey guys.. i was interested in buying the 12" ibook. had a bit of doubt though. the prev gen. ibooks supported max 1024x768 on external displays. What is the max resolution that the new gen ibooks support?

    It's real important for me as I recently got a 17" LCD and I would rather use my LCD at home than the 12" screen which wud come in handy when am away from home.

    I guess there aren't any rumors about ibooks like the mac mini updates next week?

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    Apr 5, 2005
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    The iBook's screen display 1024x768 and is set to be able to mirror it's own display onto another (show exactly the same image as the actual iBooks' display). However, there is a screen spanning hack which does three things.

    It lets you run an external display at higher resolutions (easily making it up to a 17 inch monitor's 1280x1024 or whatever it is).

    It lets you span the display. This means you can have different things on different displays, they're not merely mirrored.

    And finally it voids your warrantee.
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    My 12" (32MB VRAM) has no difficulty spanning onto a 1600x1200/24 display, for reference.

    This isn't entirely accurate. Apple has stated that, if they find the hack in place during repairs, they reserve the right to refuse you warranty service.

    However, like any firmware hack, it's easily undone. If you use the Applescript to install it, you can use the uninstall button; otherwise, it's a simple nvram-reset away.

    In practice, several people here have successfully gotten warranty service despite the presence of the hack.
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    If you just want to output to a 17" display then you would be fine using the screen hack. Where you start to run into troube with the back is outputting to larger screens such as a 20" widescreen or larger. The 16MB of graphics memory (the max that is allocated to the external display) just does not cut it and you will start to notice slowdowns in things like exposé. As long as you are not gaming or doing anything really graphically intensive on your external monitor I think you would be fine with the screen hack and a 12" iBook.

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