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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by rockychrysler, Apr 10, 2011.

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    Apr 10, 2011
    what a great forum, everyone! so glad to have found it. been reading and reading thread after thread all afternoon.

    spending some pleasant time putting a little shine into my daughter's new ibook g4... getting it ready for her to use as her first real computer. she's six. got it for her for her birthday from geeks.com. $200 shipped. felt that was a pretty good deal. she's very excited about it.

    i've got a couple questions i hope y'all can help with:

    1. i've installed the lastest tenfourfox. seems to be a solid browser. same problems with jumpy flash video on sites like youtube that everyone seems to have... if i've read things correctly, there's no real good fix for this if tenfourfox doesn't help?

    2. tenfourfox is supposed to be html5 compliant. right? so why do sites like vimeo.com recommend i get an html 5 compliant browser? have i overlooked a checkbox somewhere?

    3. a few of the sites she loves (pbs.kids) require an upgrade to flash 10.2 to view some of their content. that upgrade can't be done on a ppc. right? i've been all over the google looking for a workaround for this and can find none. just thot i'd throw that out there in case i missed something.

    thanks again for your help in advance. really have enjoyed reading thru your helpful forum today!
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    Congrats on the iBook purchase, I had one a while back and their great machines for what they can do.

    In regards to your queries, Flash 10.1 is the latest that can run on PowerPC machines :( and HTML5 is supported in TenFourFox as far as I know, by default. Did you download the appropriate TenFourFox build for your G4?

    What specifications is the iBook G4? Is it running Tiger or Leopard?

    What "jumpy" flash issues are you experiencing? I use it on my G5 and flash ad's can be abit iffy at times, though never exhibited any youtube issues.
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    Nov 18, 2009
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    congrats for the iBook. Now TenFourFox is intended to be already set to play youtube videos at low resolution and quality, 360p is really choppy on mine, be sure to use flashblock, it will make browsing experience far better, one good thing you can do for videos is to use the method i explained in my other thread by replacing youtube's default player with quicktime, use MacTubes, or download an Firefox extension within TenFourFox named SmartVideo For YouTube 0.8 in which you can set the videos to start buffering as soon as page loads and select small quality display, with that i can watch youtube videos just fine, test all three and see what you like more :)
  4. MacHamster68, Apr 11, 2011
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    Sep 17, 2009
    html5 is supported in tenfourfox
    for flash videos or youtube jumpy , you need at all times only use up to 240p and never fullscreen as the ibook will struggle at 320p and above
    gets a bit better once you find out the right flashplayer settings
    and flashplayer settings need to be done online
    once you find out about all the different settings managers
    , its a trial by error method ,i found as no 2 Mac's act the same way it seems as all my 4 eMac's for example use different settings apart from the obvious security settings

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