iBook G4 and an external LCD monitor for mirroring

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Paul's iBooks, Oct 22, 2008.

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    Oct 22, 2008
    Hi Friends,
    I have been using my iBook G4 with an external 17" CRT monitor for some time. The thing is huge and takes up too much space on my desk, but it works fine mirroring the 1024X768 resolution of my 14" iBook. My friend was getting rid of a 19" Dell LCD monitor and i picked it up.

    To my dismay it optimizes at 1280X1024 resolution and as you all know the iBook is resolution challenged. I googled and read all over the web and eventually installed Screen Spanning Doctor 0.3.3. I was now able to set appropriate resolutions for the 2 monitors and even drag windows from one screen to the other - pretty cool. But it's not what i really wanted to do, so I found that there was a button to turn mirroring on and off in the SSD arrange window. When I turned this on and adjusted the resolution to the optimized setting for the LCD screen, I got a very nice image, but one reduced significantly from full screen size. There is an inch and a half of black around all 4 sides of the image. There is no control on the monitor to increase the overall image size (as there used to be on CRT monitors) so I am stuck. I tried searching around on the FAQ's of Screen Spanning Doctor to no avail and also searched on the web.

    I am still searching. Any ideas?

    I am running: OS 10.4.11 on iBook G4, 1.42GHz with 512MB
    The monitor is a Dell E193FP and it optimizes at 1280X1024 at 60Hz

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