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Dec 5, 2011
Hello there--

Been struggling for months about how to fix this issue. I own an iBook G4 (OS X 10.4.1 Tiger) as of 2005 or so that has worked perfectly since. I also own this MacBook which I am using to write this plea for assistance, but use the iBook as a computer for all of my quirky gaming crap. Anyways, it's still a very important device to me. Back to the point...

I have dropped my iBook G4 off of my bed a couple of times as it slides off of my lap, but has worked 100% fine after, except for immediatley following the most recent drop. The first time I dropped it, it fell about 1 foot onto my hardwood floor. It landed on its side as the notebook moniter was at a 90˚ angle. This caused a crack in the upper-right hand corner in the [only] the plastic and the iBook still worked fine. I dropped it a second time while playing a fullscreen game in the same scenario off of my bed, and the screen turned blank white.
Let me set this straight: It appears that MOST all of the computer is working fine (still hear startup noises, battery works, powers up, etc.) But here's where it goes wrong:
I start up the iBook G4, hear that famous Apple® chime, the screen backlight comes on, and I am left with nothing but a blank whitish grayish screen! No  logo or anything that I can see. No sunburst loading circle. Nothing but a blank white screen. The volume can still be adjusted (makes the squishing noises) but the brightness cannot. I am assuming that something got unconfortably jumbled or disconnected in the iBook during that last fall. I have heard that it may have something to do with a LVDS connector cable or something. The backlight DOES still work, there is just no icons, words, etc. on the screen; just blank white light.
Due to my cat-like curiosity and strong desire to get this thing fixed, I attempted part dissassembly without know exactly what I was looking to fix. I got overwhelemed and will soon be re-assembling the device until someone can confidently tell me what I need to get in there and do! I
I have suspicion that it is the LVDS cable needing a bump or nudge into a socket of some sort, but I have no proof to base this on other than reading about semi-similar problems on the Internet. However, in related problems, usually their screen is black. Mine is white. I am not in a financial place to be spending any $$$ on a new cable, part, etc. but I do believe that this problem is self-fixable for free.

Issue Overview after drop:
-Notebook powers up + chimes
-Screen light comes on, but stays at a blank white screen
-Sound volume works, brightness does not

Please PM me or reply to this thread with any details, advice, resources, tutorials, photos, etc. ANY and ALL is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
-S :apple: M


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Aug 31, 2011
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I had a 22" monitor fail once. The screen was white - solid. Backlight worked and it powered on. I also bought my wife a new PB this year with a cracked screen (it rolled down a flight of stairs). The parts that were broken were solid white. Backlight worked.

I'm not an expert, but you've probably broken your screen. If that's the case, replacing the LVDS cable is irrelevant to the problem.


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Dec 5, 2011

Sounds like quite the hassle. ****** happens I suppose. But I have had conflicting feedback that poses numerous ways to fix the problem, but I don't know which one would work. Hoping the screen isn't totally broken... :eek:


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Dec 11, 2011
Same problem...

Hi duffpuff,

Sounds as I have almost exactly the same problem:

- after start sound only white screen (no symbol etc.)
- backlight works
- external video works, i.e. as non-laptop still useful

This sounds to some people like the logicboard issue, but it is not that one.

I read about this problem in several forums, but it overall seems to appear not often and unfortunately there never was an answer.

People re-installed the OS, without effect.

I also exchanged the whole display using another one I bought from eBay - still the same problem (of course there was not 100% guaranty that the replacement display is OK; in this case I believed the supplier...)

Of course people say it's not worth it to spend too much time & money on solving this issue, but that problem really catched me and I prefer repairing things rather than buying new stuff immediately...

So if you or anybody know anything more on this topic please do not hesitate - your help would be great!

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