Ibook G4 Hard Drive problem


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Apr 17, 2004
My ibook has been playing up a while, not booting up first time so tried the disk utility programme, verify disk - and get a message saying volume header needs minor repair, the repair disk option is not highlighted and i am unable to choose it.

I borrowed some discs from a friend and tried the install disk and press c, i get the message "this software cannot be installed on this computer" then i choose start up disk 10.4.4 and it trys to restart but just repeats the same thing. I am running 10.4.7 now so i am guessing i would need that disk?

Is there a way i can repair my disk?


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Oct 21, 2004
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You could try booting in single user mode.

After restarting hold the Command (Apple) and S keys down until the screen turns black and a bunch of white text appears.

Then type in exactly this

fsck -yf

and hit return.

You should see it check your drive's directory structure and catalog files, and at the end will either report what repairs it made or say 'Your HD appears normal' (or something very similar to that).

Run it again regardless of the result, and once more if you fancy it. You should then definitely be seeing the 'Normal' report.

Then type in


and hit return. If your Mac boots up then you've successfully repaired your disk. If not it may be the sign of deeper troubles.