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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by rjcalifornia, Oct 13, 2012.

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    So, I have an ibook G4 that I bought off ebay, and pretty happy with it. It came with an 30 GB HDD and I was wondering if there was an easier way (other than iFixit) to change the HDD I am asking that because every time I had to replace something on my iBook G3 I always lost screws or ended up with parts that I didn't even know where they belonged.

    Also, which kind of HDD should I get? 120GB? 200GB? SSD?

    Oh, also I didn't win a Black Disk Leopard Retail Copy on ebay, how can I you know load Leopard after I replace the hard drive?
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    He knows that...
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    He knows that; you know that; I know that... and now EVERYONE knows that!
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    -only way is using ifixit
    -I've replaced a number of ibook hd's...tip: place each step into a plastic bag and write note's on small bits of paper as to screw sizes ect...it's really not that hard...tip: use a mcdonalds plastic knife as a "spudger"
    -would require ide ssd (which can be rather costly) and benefits would be questionable
    -i would buy the wd scorpio blue (160 gig at ncix is $107)
    -what version of Osx is on there now? you could use program "carbon copy" or "superduper" to clone to new drive using a usb/ide enclosure,and then install new drive




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    There is no 128GB limitation.

    Your options are:
    - Western Digital Scorpio Blue, IDE, 320GB, 5400rpm, WD3200BEVE
    - Samsung, IDE, 160GB, 5400rpm, HM160HC or HM160JC or was it HJ? (one of them has two platters, which is louder)
    - SSD (consider Startuptime of Apps versus Drive Size vs. price vs. longevity and if you plan to keep that for a while and not want to open it again, just to swap the HDD for a SSD) I'd prefer SATA-adaptor over IDE-SSD.
    - any 2,5" SATA Drive (look at the guide on ifixit(.)com to know what the maximum drive height is and how the process is done) + adaptor
    - no option Hitachi, 2,5", 7200rpm, 100GB, IDE, is older, slower, hotter, louder than the Samsung and WD.

    If you have the possibility and are choosing between Samsung and WD IDE Drive, try to buy both on Ebay and put them under a cover from tupperware and hear what your ear finds more delighting ;)
    (There sound characteristic is different and some people don't mind "woosh" and others don't mind "whoooo", so I can't tell you, which one is louder. I have both, but for me the WD is more anoying, but that doesn't mean something.
    Download SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner and connect an external drive or the new Drive to it and copy the system from the ibook. Be careful! You have to create a folder not to wipe the external disc, before copying.

    Sorry, I know this is getting on the nerves of all, because I always come up with this answer ;) it's slightly getting on my nerve myself, that I right this. Not wanting to say, that the OP is getting on my nerves. :)
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    Sweet! Thanks! Hmmm why Apple never made it easy? Arrghhh The 'plastic bag' tip never worked lol

    I'm gonna try =D

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