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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sneds1, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Feb 15, 2011
    Hi everyone. About 6 yrs ago I got myself an iBook G4 while travelling through Asia. I have loved this little laptop and never had any problems with it. However now it always seems like I am at the limit of my hard drive(40G) although I don't actually have a lot of files/movies/music etc on it. I have so many applications on it now and I never use any of them really apart from iTunes, iphoto, Photoshop and firefox. What I would like to do is wipe it completely and start again. I have got myself a 1TB external hard drive and I was wondering if I can copy my complete hard drive to this then reformat the laptop HD. Re-install OS X and if possible take back only the programs I need/use. If anyone could help me go through this it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mar 13, 2005
    If you have 10.5 on it just use time machine.

    If you have 10.4 or lower then use Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper

    I have used both in the past and they work well.
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    step by step:

    1. hook up the 1TB to the iBook.
    2. start SUPER DUPER (can make a bootable copy with USB and Firewire)
    3. choose, if you want the 1TB to be bootable.
    4. disconnect 1TB
    5. put in Tiger DVD, go on install and do what it says. / Maybe start disk utility from the DVD and partition the drive with Apple Partition Chart (or how it is called, not GUID!) instead.
    6. install Tiger, reboot and connect 1TB again.
    7. open migration assistant and choose the things you want to be taken back to your newly installed 40GB drive. (caution! it was reported, that thsi does not work always fine, omitting files or filling the HDD up with things you did not need. Maybe the others can say more about the reliability).
    7. choose the things you want from your 1TB and take them back piece by piece manually.
    (if you are scary, save the safari/firefox bookmarks via the options in firefox/safari first, before you go through 1-7. so you can just take the store file and restore the bookmarks and history and everything.)

    Someone may correct me, if I did something wrong.

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