iBook HD Replacement and Battery Questions

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by socamx, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Oct 7, 2004
    Okay I've got two questions regarding my old iBook G4 here.

    First one is I recently got a new battery for this laptop, specifically, this.

    Now the site says 74 Watt Hours, 5.000 Ah (5000 mAh, whatever). When I first put it in, it reported 4.200 Ah in different battery programs. I figured it needed to be calibrated first like the documentation said, and I've tried that.

    Well, when I run the battery down from 100% to 0%, the computer doesn't go to sleep, it crashes and I need to reboot. Of the 7 or 8 times I've tried this so far, same result. Tried resetting the PMU multiple times.

    The battery now reports 4.129 Ah (well below 5.000 advertised), and the computer doesn't go to sleep properly. The other thing is, they say to do 5 charge cycles, but this iStat widget only reports 3.

    What exactly is a full cycle for a battery? Should I keep trying till it does at least 5, or just call support and try for a replacement?

    This is the little sheet they give you (in pdf format) with the battery, which I've been following.


    Second question is this, the hard drive is on its way out. Made all sorts of lovely clanking, scratching and dirty spin-up noises the other night as the computer would freeze up while waiting for the HD. So a new one is on the way.

    Question here is, can I use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone this hard drive perfectly to a disk image on another computer, then clone the disk image back to the new hard drive without any adverse side effects? Or should I just start from scratch with 10.4, reinstall everything and restore my home folder?


    Thanks for any help you guys (and girls) may be able to give.

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