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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by 86047, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Oct 7, 2006
    Right now I am typing on an external keyboard, but the internal keyboard on my ibook is acting strange. It will start randomly typing G or B, like someone is holding the key down. When I try to type a letter, it was typing all those letters in the vertical row, and now it engages number lock also. The thing will not go to sleep (the minute i put it to sleep, it wakes up).

    Now, it's just really weird.
    Here, I'll type 'My name is Greg', on the internal keyboard.
    &UJM 6yhn1qaz7ujm3edc 8ik,2wsx 4rfv3edc

    The letters I typed are mostly there (except the G key that doesn't work, but will start typing randomly), but with weird characters in between.

    Is my keyboard done for, or should I try to reseat the cable or hard reset (how would I go about doing either?)


    P.S. I have AppleCare, so if all else fails i'll bring it to the apple store asap. The only problem is the hinge is also messed up, and I want to make sure it's at a time when I really don't need the iBook. I guess I'll bring it towards the end of this week.

    UPDATE: not as random as I thought.
    If I type a for instance, it will type 1, q, a, and z, If I type 2, it will type f1, 2, w, s, and x.

    Heres me typing asdfghjkl;
    now the last part that's all numbers, that's because the h key engages numlock ,and the g just doesn't work. Here it is without the g or h (asdfjkl; )
    While I was typing that, the screen brightness decreased, and expose and num lock were toggled on and off a number of times.

    So yeah, I'm extremely confused.
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    Mar 30, 2005
    Sound like to me you have a bad KB. Also have to tried to reset your PRAM and or your PMU to see if that helps. If all else fails then a trip to the apple store... Good Luck.
  3. 86047 thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 7, 2006
    thanks, I'll google how to reset the PRAM, PMU, and whatnot. I hope to be able to get to the apple store soon otherwise. Man I haven't been having the best of luck with my usually trust ibook, have I?

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