iBook -> MacBook, FireWire TDM, Migration assistant not working

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by wrldwzrd89, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Hello, I am completely stumped on this one. My sister just got a new MacBook as a birthday present. She is trying to transfer her files from her old iBook to her new MacBook, but the transfer process is not working properly.

    Here's what's happening: We can connect the iBook to the MacBook with a FireWire cable and boot the iBook into FireWire Target Disk Mode (TDM) successfully. The MacBook recognizes the iBook and mounts it as a drive on the desktop. When we try to launch Migration Assistant, it asks us where the old data is located. Specifying another Mac (which is the logical choice) causes it to beachball for about 10 minutes then tell us to connect the two computers with a FireWire cable and boot the other one into TDM, which we've already done. Choosing from a Time Machine backup or other disk causes it to display a blank window, as if it can't detect any other systems.
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    The only thing I could suggest is to wait until it actually prompts you to do so before booting up the iBook. From what you said, it sounds like you're booting the iBook into firewire target disk mode and connecting it before launching the migration assistant. Not saying that's what's causing the problem, but it's worth a shot. :)

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