ibook misaligned/Applecare/biased perceptions?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by eidrunner247, Jul 8, 2006.

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    Jul 4, 2006
    The ibook I just bought (not new) is slightly misaligned (purchased last year, and have applecare until 06/08. It's not much, maybe an 1/8"-1/4" shifted to the right, and it still locks fine, and functions completely perfectly; it's just a little annoying for me. Now, I *do* have Applecare on the computer.

    Yesterday, I took the computer in to the Applestore to see if they could quickly fix the problem. The guy at the genius bar checks it out, types some stuff on the computer and tells me that it would cost $169 dollars to fix it. He also says that since it is "cosmetic" that Applecare won't cover it. The part costs less than $40 but it's the labor that boosts the price way up. (Cosmetic because it was probably dropped or bumped extremely hard while open)

    Now, I emailed the original owner and he said that it was never bumped and never dropped (computer is flawless in all other aspects). (this is what he wrote)

    ***The lid got like that from opening and closing which was very strange, what they said at the apple store is very strange. Try calling apple customer service let them know it got like that from regular use the laptop was NEVER dropped you should not be charged just to realign it!***

    Do you think I have a chance with bringing it back in and getting it fixed through Applecare? Should I talk to the Apple store or more with customer service on the phone?

    And lastly, I feel that (and I may be way off-base) since I am a college student (22yrs old), there is a biased perception that since I am younger, it is easier to say 'no' or blame it on other outside factors instead of considering that it be a inherent defect in the computer itself. (whereas, if I were an older adult in my 40s or 50s that I might be considered differently)

    I mean it's not bad, and I could live with it if I had to - still, if I would really like this fixed. Any suggestions? I would really like this fixed
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    Apr 3, 2004
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    I really don't think you have a chance of getting that fixed for free. However, there's only one way of finding out for sure. I'd bug them in person (at the store) rather than over the phone because it'll be more difficult for them to turn you down, despite being a college student. :p

    Good luck. Don't get your hopes up. :(
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    Jun 18, 2004
    I'm an almost past it 32years old and both my G3 and G4 had squiffy lids. At the time there was no local AppleStore or reseller so I'd have had to send it off the Apple for anything to be done, which wasn't worth it.

    Just a case of bad design I think my new MacBook seems better built than the G3 which was itself better than the G4.

    Try getting just a little drunk and you shouldn't notice/care so much.

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