iBook S-Video on Big Screen TV

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  1. jarinaz macrumors newbie

    Sep 21, 2005
    I have a 51 inch HDTV. I was all set, as the earlier threads suggest, to buy the 12 inch powerbook so that I can run the DVI to my tv with blootooth mouse and keyboard. After reading for the last few weeks, I am scared to get the powerbook for so much money until the intel switch. I need a new computer and figure I will get a 12 new or 14 refurbished ibook. I know that running the S-Video to my TV will be of less quality and resolution than the DVI but I want to know if anyone has worked on their TV with this and what they think. It seems like the iBooks are the better value right now. I figure I will get one with my employee discount and sell it for 4 or 500 next year and grab the new powerbook. Im betting that the Intel switch is going to be balls out for Apple. Im guessing they bring out all the stops and start making this race with PC serious.
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    Jun 28, 2005
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    FYI: You can get a whole lot more than 4 or 500 next year for an iBook. People are still fetching prices in that neighborhood for G3 iBooks.

    The market on eBay is crazy for Apples. People will pay for more than computers are worth.

    (You could probably make money buying Macs with a student discount and reselling them on eBay)

    EDIT: I really have to agree with the point about Apple kicking it up a notch with the Intel switch. Now that the playing field is level, PC makers should really be scrambling.
  3. robbieduncan Moderator emeritus


    Jul 24, 2002
    I've run my PowerBook and am currently running a Mac Mini (as a PVR) on a widescreen CRT via S-Video. It looks pretty good, especially with TV or DVD in full screen. The resolution is too low to use it as a workable screen (on my CRT TV at least). I'm not sure but I think that S-Video output is limited to SD no matter what the screen is capable of.

    The one thing that I found was necessary was to calibrate the screen as the colours were way off.

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