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Jan 28, 2005
Picked up a 12" ibook today, added 512mb of ram to total 736mb or something.

First thing im noticing is it seems quite slow....definatly not what i expected.

Loaded up Garageband, its got 2 loops playing and im at 100% CPU usage.

I have closed down all other apps, made sure the CPU is running at high peformance in the power saving.

Safari/Firefox are both very slow.

Im going to load up a few more applications to test it out some more tommorow, but so far im not too impressed, im probably going to have to swap it for the new powerbook. (what i would have baught in the first place if they had them in stock)


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Dec 27, 2004
Hm. Now that is odd to hear. Is this your first Mac or have you used them before? I know when I switched from PC I did feel like the Mac was much slower than my AMD Athlon system in loading applications and what not. However, the increased stability and security soon made me forget this. I had a 12" 1.2GHz iBook earlier this month and I had to trade it for a powerbook myself becuase I needed DVI out and clamshell mode. And, yes, I am still waiting to get my powerbook after many weeks (first one they sent me had dead pixel). I have not played around much with garageband so I'm sure I won't be much help there. Keep us updated on your situation for I am curious of your outcome.

Oh, and unless you can prove a fault with the unit, apple will charge you a 10 percent restocking fee if you opened the computer even if you want to do an exchange for something else. This was very annoying to me but I'm over it for now. Best of luck to you.


May 26, 2004
Randy's House
Garage Band will load down a 1.2 GHZ iBook. I have one.

I really had to work at getting my iBook optimized.

Make sure you have at least a good 10GB free on your HDD, your RAM is good, repair your permissions. Force and perform the following in terminal:

sudo periodic daily
sudo periodic weekly
sudo periodic monthly

sudo update_prebinding -root / -force

Restart and see how it goes. I also make it a habit to empty the Internet cache regularly when browsing - Safari has a nasty habit of writing cache to RAM, which slows things down.

Don't sweat Garageband, it even slows down my iMac G5.

Good luck.


Dec 5, 2004
i have a brand new ibook and i only get a slow down when I get 4 tracks. I do have a gig of ram so maybe that is the problem. If it is that important to you you might want to think about picking up some more ram.


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Jan 28, 2005
I am new to mac so maby im expecting too much.

I still think im going to go for the powerbook, then even if its still not fast enough at least i have the best notebook around :)
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