iBook VRAM Question...

King Wali

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Mar 27, 2005
In my Computer
Hi all! I have been using my computer to play Battlefield 1942 for a while now, but even though I have all the standards for it, it still runs slow, then I found out that I only had a 32 mb video card, so I was wondering, if I were to buy a faster video card (126 mb), would it be possible to install it in an iBook G4?​



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Nov 7, 2004
Wollongong, Australia

Unfortunatley, the only things that can be upgraded in ibooks and powerbooks is a) the HDD b) the RAM (not to be confused with video ram).

How much ram do you have in your computer? if its around 256mb or less, perhaps you should consider buying more ram for the computer. It will at least make your computer speed up a little. Although the frame increase will be marginal.
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