iBook with Tiger creating its own Desktop folders

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by SkippyThorson, Sep 22, 2009.

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    So three times today, and once yesterday, my iBook with 10.4.11 has been acting odd. More than normal.

    On Safari, the downloads window pops up, and says "Desktop-X" has downloaded. A small blank white rectangle icon in the Download window shows, called "Desktop-X", so I clear it. I have things from Safari to download to the Desktop, but it's not there.

    I find it, but it's not a file. It's now an empty folder, and it's sitting in my Home folder. There are three of them. "Desktop-1, Desktop-2, Desktop-3"...

    I didn't download anything. I'm just browsing. What's up with this one now?

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    I've been having exactly the same thing happen at work (PMG5 with 10.4.11, Safari 4.0.3, and Click2Flash installed). Downloads window pops up out of the blue with no action other than loading a website, then later I see Desktop-1, Desktop-2, etc in my Home folder. Only started recently. Don't recall any recent software updates other than maybe iTunes 9.0.1. Click2Flash was recently updated but this was happening before I updated it IIRC.

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