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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by nwoolley, Jun 24, 2012.

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    I am not a techie person and I really need help. I love reading books and had been resisting going to the ebook format. But I gave it a try in ibooks on my first generation original iPad and I am having lots of problems. Sometimes when I turn the page it does not progress to the next page, it just is the same page over and over again! I have to reboot the iPad and sometimes that does not work. Also when I make the slightest move the pages skip forward about 10 pages! Another problem is the last part of the chapter is missing. The page ends mid sentence and the new chapter starts without the previous chapter finishing! Is anyone else having this problem? And was wondering if the 1st generation iPad was not built to support an ereading app? Are the 2nd and 3rd generation iPad ibook apps better or should I just get a NOOK or a KINDLE?? Help please! Thank you!
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    Your problem is not common, I've never heard of it honestly. Decision between them depends on how and when do you plan to read, I find reading on train and bus with iPad unpleasant, because it's large,heavy and it glares. At the same time, I always use it on bed because it's easier to use and versatile, if I'm intrigued by some idea and wanna do some research, I can.
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    Nwoolley, I frequently use the iBook app on my iPhone (4) and (new) iPad, and have never come across these problems.
    The pages turn just perfectly when I need them to. And doesn't skip 10 pages.

    I think the problem is because it's the first gen. iPad.. You should try a 2nd gen or 3rd gen iPad. The page flipping shouldn't be a problem on those at all.

    As for the books missing the last chapter..that is odd, and I don't think it's the app's fault..(unless it failed to download the rest of the book for some odd reason; or it's too much to view, again for some odd reason.) It could also be that the person who made the ebook never finished writing the last part..or something like that..

    Is it just one book that's missing the last chapter? Or many?
    If many, you should probably show it to an Apple Store Rep. and check it out as to why you're missing the last chapters. Again, it might be cause it's first gen. iPad.
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    I read many, many books on my original iPad using ibooks and never encountered those problems. So the problem is not the iPads generation. Which iOS are you using and which version of iBooks?
    Do you have gesture problems in other apps?
    Perhaps a restore might solve your difficulties.

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