iBooks Specs are different


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May 30, 2005
On Apple's iBook page the size of the 12.1" iBook is different depending which page you go to.
Link #1 will take to you the main page of the iBooks. About half way down the page there are two images describing the width and depth of the iBooks. For the 12.1" the width is 11.2" and the depth is 9.1"
Link #1
Link #2 is the iBooks tech specs page. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom (on the right) the specs are shown like this:
Size and weight (12.1-inch model)

* Height: 1.35 inches (3.42 cm)
* Width: 11.2 inches (28.5 cm)
* Depth: 9.06 inches (23.0 cm)
* Weight: 4.9 pounds (2.2 kg) (1)

Link #2

This is a little strange, either the iBooks have grown over night, or Apple has yet to change it since the last iBooks.


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Aug 30, 2003
If the 0.04 inches cause a problem, you can run the front of the iBook across a belt sander.


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Dec 26, 2002
Albuquerque, NM
Duff-Man says...ah, yes....everything is some big conspiracy...maybe it is George Bush's fault...quick, call Michael Moore....[/sarcasm off] :)

..yeah...it is simply a matter of rounding...get over it.....oh yeah!


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Dec 27, 2004
Wow some rough responses here. Take it easy all as we have a new member here so lets not give him/her a bad first impression of our helpful community here :)


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Mar 9, 2005
I think it was a good find, but nothing to get worried about. They just rounded because its less digits and easier for the average person to understand.


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May 4, 2005
New York
Chrispy said:
Wow some rough responses here. Take it easy all as we have a new member here so lets not give him/her a bad first impression of our helpful community here :)
Looks like it may be time for some of that extra testosterone to be released ... I agree there is no need to dump on a new member. We all know there is a vast difference in the base of knowledge that posters possess, but it remains the overall uniquely helpful and prompt replies by people that make these forums so special.


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Jul 7, 2004
Its the difference between "tech specs" where they give the exact details, and the "I am windows/dell person, where is the little milk jug that tells me how much my new boat anchor is going to weigh" people. If you have to draw a picture to tell them how much something is going to weigh, extra digits might confuse them. Boy I am in a really sarcastic mood this am..... sorry.


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Mar 29, 2004
Boston, MA
i can understand the question. because if one number is off i wonder how many other numbers are incorrect. maybe the tech spec page was not updated and some other numbers on the tech spec page are therefore outdated and uncorrect.

but in this case i guess the other posters are right. it's just about rounding numbers. nothing to worry about here.

although i like iMeowbots idea about sanding off the 0.04 inches :D
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